When it comes to discussions concerning sex and the Capricorn man, the word ‘conservative’ all too often comes into play. The Capricorn man, people will tell you, isn’t too keen on sexual experimentation and will almost always opt for the conventional when it comes to sexual positions and foreplay. And all of this is true. Up to a point.

Like all star signs, there is more than one Capricorn man when it comes to relationships. There is the Capricorn man at the start of the relationship – insecure, terrified of embarrassing himself, afraid of making the first, second, third or even fourth move – and then there is the Capricorn man who feels loved, respected and secure. This Capricorn man is, like the goat, a little earthier.

This ‘hornier’ beast may have to be coaxed out, however, and this is likely to require a certain amount of patience on the part of his lover because it is not only important that the Capricorn man feels relaxed in his relationship, he must also feel relaxed ‘in the moment’. Massages are an ideal way to create this ‘in the moment’ sense of ease, something sensual that hints at rather than demands further activity.

The aroused-yet-relaxed Capricorn man can be led by the (ahem) nose down rather more exotic avenues of sensual exploration.

But beware, once awoken, this ‘new’ Capricorn man can demonstrate a spectacular appetite for all things sexual and erotic. Which, of course, is fantastic but, you know, sometimes you’ve got work in the morning.


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