Reading Men’s Body Language

Okay, so you hold all the cards now. But… well, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have an ace or two concealed up your sleeve. This special bonus chapter will give you a valuable insight into how the particular zodiac man you’ve set your sights upon feels about you and how he is responding to your advances, simply by observing his posture and unconscious movements.

Positive Signs

Frequent lingering glances

This pretty much goes without saying. If a guy meets your eyes for more than a second or two, particularly when neither of you are speaking, this is generally a sign of attraction. Persistent, unblinking eye contact is another matter: you’ll find that one under ‘Negative Signs’…

Open arms

As opposed to folded arms, suggests a man is comfortable in your presence, particularly if his hands are relaxed, with palms visible.

Leaning forward

If a man leans forward when speaking to you, especially when unnecessary (i.e. you’re not in a noisy environment), this is an indication that he is seeking intimacy.

Speaking in a lowered voice

This suggests intimacy and is often employed unconsciously as a technique to encourage you to lean forward, bringing you within easy reach.

Facing straight toward you with shoulders relaxed

This is a posture of honesty. Generally, when people are attempting to mislead you, they will turn away slightly.

Feet pointing toward you

This is another sign of interest. Some body language experts say this can be interpreted as a very obvious sign of sexual attraction.

Hands in pockets

This can be interpreted as a sign of sexual interest, particularly when the thumbs are in pockets with the rest of the hand pointing, erm… downward.

Eyebrows raised unnecessarily (i.e. when unsurprised)

Because the eyebrows are particularly difficult to control, this is often a secret giveaway of physical attraction.

Mirroring your movements

If he mirrors your movements, even if only slightly, this is often a sign of attraction. Here’s a useful test: make a sudden movement with your hand and see if his moves slightly too.

Fiddles with his earlobe

In fact, if he fiddles with anything (jewelry, watch strap…), this typically implies an eagerness to touch.

Blinks a lot

Rather like the eyebrow raising, this is a difficult one to control and can imply an overload of thoughts and feelings.

Running a hand through his hair…

… or adjusting his clothing. These are grooming activities and usually mean he’s trying to look his best for you.

Stroking himself

On the arm, for heaven’s sake, the arm! Or leg. This typically indicates a desire to be stroked by the person they are talking to. That would be you.

Negative Signs

Folded arms

This is a defensive gesture and can generally be interpreted as a categorical ‘go away and leave me alone’. However, you’d do well to keep in mind that some zodiac men are naturally defensive and untrusting (Taurus, for example), so it could well be a case of ‘it’s not you, it’s him’.

Body turned away

This is an obvious sign of disinterest and can be read as, “I’d rather be talking to someone else.” However, it can also be an indication of shyness. So, with a Pisces man, this kind of posture can be typical and shouldn’t be taken too personally.

Persistent Eye-Contact

As opposed to regular eye-contact, which is a sign of interest, persistent, unwavering eye-contact can be a sign of anger.

Standing Side-On to You

Sometimes referred to as the ‘fencing position’, this indicates the urge to get away.

Pressed Lips

This demonstrates an unwillingness to communicate with you. Or maybe they had a garlic baguette for lunch and don’t want to frighten you away!


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