Zodiac Men Spotters’ Guide

How to Identify a Man's Star Sign

The purpose of this short guide is to enable you to make a reasonable guess as to a guy’s zodiac sign pretty much at a glance.

It goes without saying that astrology is not an exact science and there are always going to be exceptions to every rule, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how often your ‘reasonable guess’ turns out to be right on the money.

For quick and easy application, each sign of the zodiac is broken into three sub-headings: Above the Neck, Below the Neck and Other Notable Features. I think they’re fairly self-explanatory categories.

A word of warning. Try not to be too obvious when assessing the Below the Neck characteristics. You don’t want to find yourself on the business end of a restraining order.

Best of luck!


Above the Neck

Strong bone structure and musculature are common attributes of the Aries man, and nowhere is this more noticeable than in the face.

Whether their face is long or wide (or even a little of both) it will always be undeniably physically powerful. If you see someone with a face that looks like it could “take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’”, chances are you’re looking at an Aries man.

There is also an undeniable nobility to the Aries man. His expression is often purposeful and determined.

A triangular-shaped face is quite common, as is brown and sandy hair colouring.

Below the Neck

A physically strong body is another common characteristic and, again, that noble bearing.

Other Notable Features

An Aries man is almost always appropriately attired. So, if you see someone who is wearing exactly the right clothing for a particular situation with little or no concession toward fashion (unless it is called for), he’s more than likely an Aries man.


Above the Neck

The Taurus man has a healthy and clear complexion, thick, lustrous hair and is, of all the signs of the zodiac, the most likely to sport a beard. If bearded, their ‘facial furniture’ is almost always impressive. No weedy little goatees for the Taurus male.

Full, shapely lips are another frequently occuring characteristic, as is a certain ‘squareness’ of the face..

Below the Neck

Generally, the Taurus man will be of broad, stocky build and tends to be slightly below average in height.

He can gain weight very easily, so is likely to be either plump or, due to a good exercise regime employed to combat potential weight-gain, rather muscular.

Other Notable Features

Taurus men move in a noticeably graceful and purposeful fashion.

They also tend to have very pleasant voices, almost musical in some cases.


Above the Neck

A high forehead and a receding hairline are a common characteristic of the Gemini man, as are long eye lashes.

His complexion is often pale but almost always with an outdoorsy healthiness about it.

His face tends toward the animated, making him very easy to read.

So, if you meet a man who’s face is something of an open book, he’s probably a Gemini. If you feel a little surge of envy when you look at his eye lashes, he’s definitely a Gemini.

Below the Neck

Gemini men are tall more often than not, with a physical lightness to their bodies, that can sometimes verge on the delicate.

Other Notable Features

There is a loose, ‘dancerly’ quality to the Gemini man and they tend to look and act younger than their actual age. They also smile a lot. An awful lot.


Above the Neck

Large eyes are a common characteristic of the Cancer male. They are usually watery and emotive. You can read a great deal from a Cancer male’s eyes.

A prominent jaw or noteworthy teeth are another give-away.

Cancer males rarely have problems with pimples or blemishes.

Roundness is very much the theme with the Cancer male. Very round eyes in distinctly round face, are typical.

Below the Neck

Continuing the roundness theme, a certain degree of plumpness is a frequently occuring attribute of the Cancer male.

They are often a little top heavy, with a larger, broader upper body supported by slender legs and narrow hips.

Other Notable Features

Cancer males often speak in a slow and deliberate manner.


Above the Neck

A large head is fairly typical, as is a prominent or Roman nose. The complexion is normally healthy, tending toward the ruddy.

A thick mane of hair is not uncommon but isn’t always the case.

Their ‘default’ facial expression is soft, friendly and open.

Below the Neck

Leo men are generally of above average height, but will almost always appear taller due to their tendency to ‘walk tall’.

A good, well-proportioned physique with broad shoulders is fairly typical.

Other Notable Features

The Leo man will tend to ooze confidence and will have an air of nobility about him.

They take pride in their appearance and will clearly have put a lot of thought and effort into their clothing, shoes, hair etc.


Above the Neck

A large and distinct forehead is often a typical characteristic of the Virgo man. The hairline will tend to be high, though naturally so, not as a result of premature baldness. Uncontrollable cows’ licks are common.

A strong jaw will give them an able, even fierce, appearance and large, hooded eyes will lend them an air of soulful mystery.

A slender nose is a regular feature of the Virgo face.

Below the Neck

The Virgo man is generally quite slight physically but is rarely short in stature. Often, an angular or even gangly appearance predominates.

Other Notable Features

The Virgo man will often look distracted, as if he is puzzling over some great intellectual conundrum.

There is always the impression that there is far more to the Virgo man than immediately meets the eye.


Above the Neck

The Libra is almost always handsome, in the traditional sense. They tend to have great bone structure and very symmetrical features.

That said, there is often a certain ‘roundness’ to the face, but it is more often than not a rather smooth, strong, sculpted roundness, not the roundness of a chubby schoolboy.

Below the Neck

An athletic build is common, but not so much that of a sportsman as that of a dancer. The Libra man possesses a very natural and very noticeable gracefulness. Their movements seem almost choreographed.

A Libra man who is on the overweight side will be hard to spot as the excess ‘padding’ will tend to be evenly distributed about the body, rather than collecting in a paunch or love handles.

Other Notable Features

Of all the signs of the zodiac, the Libra man is most likely to display a subtle androgyny. In keeping with this, they are often softly spoken.


Above the Neck

The Scorpio man will have very strong and distinct features. A particular scorpio man will rarely if ever be mistaken for somebody else.

More than any other star sign, the Scorpio man will divide women. Some will find this particular individual incredibly attractive, whilst others will have no idea what these people can possibly see in him.

Whatever the case, they always illicit a strong and emphatic response. You’ll rarely ever hear anyone say of a Scorpio man, “He’s so-so.”

Below the Neck

Hairiness is a common feature of the Scorpio man.  Hairy arms, legs and luxurious eyebrows are all typical.

Their build can vary but it’s almost always in proportion and even when overweight, they somehow suit the extra pounds.

Other Notable Features

A natural sexy walk is quite common. Not a ‘strut’ so much as a sensuous, captivating gait.


Above the Neck

The Sagittarius man will have a large forehead and  a thick mane-like hair, which will tend to be a little on the wild side.

No other zodiac sign is more likely to be described as having ‘a twinkle in his eye’.

Below the Neck

When it comes to physique, there are two distinct types: tall and slim, or short and muscular. Think  either Doberman or Staffordshire bull terrier.

The older Sagittarius man may struggle with his weight a little, ruled as he is by Jupiter’s epicurean appetites. But he will tend to carry it well.

Other Notable Features

The Sagittarius man always seems to be filled to bursting with an almost uncontrollable energy. They ooze enthusiasm and are often perceived as a blur of irrepressible activity.

They move quickly, but often carelessly: look out for that charmingly accident prone guy; chances are he’s a Sagittarius.


Above the Neck

A sturdy, sculpted visage is likely to be the most immediately striking characteristic of the Capricorn man. Think classic cheekbones and full, sensual lips. Think old-fashioned matinee idol.

Below the Neck

A stocky build is the most common amongst Capricorn men. Despite this, they possess a surprising degree of gracefulness.

As described in The Astrology of Love, the Capricorn man fears public humiliation above almost everything else, so he walks with plenty of ‘due care and attention’.

In contrast with the Sagittarius man, if you hear the crash of shattering crockery, it is unlikely that a Capricorn man is the butterfingers in question.

Other Notable Features

They don’t tend toward frivolous behaviour, and this, combined with their sturdy physicality and old-fashioned good looks gives them a very distinct air of dependability.


Above the Neck

Fine, almost delicate, facial features are typical of the Aquarius man. This along with the dreamy, faraway look in his eyes, combine to make him seem somehow ethereal, maybe even a little angelic.

If there’s something a tad cherubic about the guy you’ve set your sights on, he’s probably an Aquarius.

If, when you talk to him, he tips his head to one side, a little like a bird, then he’s almost certainly an Aquarius man.

Below the Neck

The Aquarius man tends to be tall with long limbs. They can often appear gangly but this is frequently countered by a good solid build which pulls everything together nicely.

Other Notable Features

That faraway dreamy quality in the eyes can sometimes manifest itself as a cool, intellectual detachment, which can give the impression that the Aquarius man is rather uncaring or aloof, but this is usually far from the case.


Above the Neck

Look for almost supernaturally expressive eyes. Of all the signs of the zodiac, the Pisces, more than any other, can communicate anything and everything with a simple look.

Below the Neck

The Pisces man tends to be physically very average, almost as if they are genetically predisposed to social camouflage. If tall, then they will be only a little taller than usual. If short, only a touch below the average.

They are often broad shouldered and slow-moving (despite which, they are just as clumsy as the frenetic Sagittarius).

Other Notable Feature

They possess an attractive vulnerableness despite their rather sturdy appearance.

If you look at a guy and can’t help thinking of those wildlife documentaries were the potentially brutal gorilla is playing gently with his children, he’s probably a Pisces.


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