Astrological Compatibility – An Introduction

So, there’s this guy in the office…

He’s cute and you’re pretty sure he’s single but you don’t really know that much about him.

Maybe you’ve made eye contact a couple of times. Maybe he’s smiled at you. Maybe he’s said, “Hi.”

You want to say more, strike up a conversation, but what exactly are you going to say? What if you say the wrong thing and stumble at the first hurdle? What are his likes and dislikes? What interests him? What bores him to tears? Are you his type? And, more importantly, is he (appearances aside) your type?

Wouldn’t it be better if you knew a little bit more about this guy before you started to talk to him? Wouldn’t it be better if you knew a lot more? You could ask around, chat to a few of his friends and colleagues, but what if word got back to him? Maybe he values his privacy and would be uncomfortable with the idea of someone conducting an investigation into his character, even if they did have the best of intentions. He might even think you’re one of those women, a little bit, well… stalkerish?

Well, there is a way you can find out a surprising amount about him, without tipping him off as to your intentions and without running the risk of being on the business end of a restraining order. In fact, you have access to a vast database of information about this guy and you won’t need to enlist the talents of a computer hacker to get at it.

No, all you need is his date of birth.

Because once you have his date of birth, you’ll be able to figure out which sign of the zodiac he was born under. And once you know which sign of the zodiac he was born under, you can begin to ascertain what he likes and dislikes, what interests him, what bores him to tears, whether or not you’re his type, and, more importantly, whether or not he’s your type.


How to use our site…

I’ve allocated a single page to each sign of the zodiac. Each page breaks down into 11 sections:

Why Set Your Heart on a [insert astrological sign here] Man?

In other words: what’s so good about men of this particular sign of the zodiac? What makes them so special? Are they the strong, silent type or the every-day’s-an-adventure type? Are they romantic? Dependable? The marrying-type?

Winning the [insert astrological sign here] Man

This is a general guide as to what men of this sign are likely to respond to and what’s likely to rub them up the wrong way. Here you’ll find tips on how to get him alone, what interests him, whether he’s shy or ultra-confidant and whether you just need to drop subtle hints and wait for him to come to you or whether you’re going to have to do all the leg work!

The Ideal Date for the [insert astrological sign here] Man

Once you’ve effectively netted your man, it would be shame to blow it on the first date because you thought it would be a good idea, for example, to take a Pisces man to a rock concert (traditionally, the Pisces man hates loud noise and bright lights).

If you want your first date to be the first of many, it would be wise to pay particular attention to this section.

What to Wear for the [insert astrological sign here] Man

Unbelievably, there are men in this world who may be a little uncomfortable with your flirtiest, low-cut top. I know, incredible, isn’t it?

Take the Capricorn man, for example: he doesn’t respond well to flirting at all. The Sagittarius man, on the other hand… well, he can flirt in his sleep!

This section will also advise you as to which colors your intended man responds to. The Scorpio man responds to deep reds, for example; whereas, the Virgo man prefers yellows and greens. A great deal of research has been carried out into the psychology of color (did you know, for example, that babies cry more frequently in yellow rooms than in rooms of any other color?) and chromotherapy (the treatment of stress and anxiety using color) has recently begun to gain momentum as an alternative therapy. So, you don’t necessarily need an outfit with a plunging neckline to render him helpless!

Gifts for the [insert astrological sign here] Man

The perfect gift, especially in the early stages of a relationship, can work wonders. Once again, the zodiac can tell us what’s likely to leave your man speechless with gratitude and what gifts are almost certain to elicit the response, “Did you keep the receipt by any chance?”

Sex and the [insert astrological sign here] Man

Is there any area of life in which likes and dislikes play a more crucial role than in the bedroom? Depending on his astrological sign, the man you’ve set your sights on may have a prudish view of sex, or he might see sex as a wonderful recreational activity, or as the perfect means of expressing his love and affection.

This section will tell you all you need to know. You might find it a bit of any eye-opener, too: that cute shy fella in accounts who can’t even make eye contact for more than a second or two..? an animal between the sheets!

Keeping Your [insert astrological sign here] Man

Once you’ve got him, you may want to keep him. True, you may not, but if you do, in this section you’ll find useful advice on how to maintain a long term relationship with your particular zodiac male.

What are You Letting Yourself in For?

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. Each sign of the zodiac has his negative traits, especially when the man in question is an extreme example of his particular astrological sign.

Forewarned is forearmed.

You May Find the [insert astrological sign here] Man More Difficult if You’re a…

It’s a bit of a myth that some astrological signs don’t get along with certain other astrological signs. These conflicts normally only exist when both individuals represent extreme examples of their type. These extreme examples are something of a rarity, and the chances of two such extreme examples actually meeting is even rarer still. However, as stated earlier, forewarned is forearmed, so I’ve provided you with information regarding the potential for compatibility issues to arise.

The Big Do and the Big Don’t

For each of the astrological signs, I’ve given you one principal thing you must do, and one you mustn’t. Feel free to interpret or take-or-leave anything else on this website but ignore these cardinal sins and virtues at your peril!

What this Website Isn’t


There really is no substitute for having a personal astrological chart (also known as a birth or natal chart) created, when it comes to pinpointing the precise characteristics of a particular individual and their compatibility with you. Of course, if you know enough about  a man to commission the creation of his birth chart, the chances are you’re already married   to him!

So, the specifics, the real nitty-gritty, are going to have to wait until you’re a little further down the road. The information provided on this website is a little more generalized… solid and reliable, but generalized nonetheless.

When reading the descriptions of the various astrological types in these pages, rather than thinking about your own star sign and the potential compatibility issues, it would be better simply to ask yourself, Can I get along with this guy? Can I make this work?


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