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How to attract an Aquarius man

In a hurry? Here are our top five tips for making yourself irresistible to any Aquarius man:

  1. Be sociable and easy-going.
  2. Be principled and ethical.
  3. Be a little mysterious.
  4. Be fun and creative.
  5. Give him space.

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Why set your heart on an Aquarius man?

If you’re looking for a fun, frivolous and light-hearted relationship that might just surprise you and turn into something more serious, give the Aquarius man a try.

Winning an Aquarius Man

The first obstacle to securing the affections of the Aquarius man is getting him alone. He is gregarious to say the least. Whether he’s at work or socializing, the Aquarius man likes to be surrounded by people. So, you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for an opportunity to speak to him one-on-one. But, even if you can’t get him alone, you can still demonstrate behaviors that will make you stand apart and pique his interest.

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The first thing you will need to demonstrate is that you are a person of principle. The Aquarius man has a clearly defined ethical code, from which he will rarely, if ever, deviate. This code is likely to fly in the face of received wisdom but, however idiosyncratic it may be, it will be of great importance to him. He will want to see that you stick to your guns, even if he doesn’t personally agree with the principles you are espousing or defending. The important thing is that you have principles and that you are not easily swayed.

The next thing you will need to demonstrate is an air of mystery. Unlike the Capricorn man, for example, the Aquarius man is not attracted to known quantities. He likes people who are a little secretive, people who play their cards close to their chest and don’t feel the need to reveal every intimate detail of their character on the first encounter.

The Aquarius man prefers relationships that aren’t too constricting. He likes to feel that he can come and go as he pleases, that there’s no excessive pressure on him to change his behavior or sacrifice his independence. That isn’t to say he isn’t in search of a monogamous relationship, just that he needs his own space. In fact, of all the men of the zodiac, the Aquarius man thrives in live-apart relationships. So, it’s best to take a light, unserious approach to the relationship, with no concrete expectations.

You’ll probably have to make your move (or at least make your feelings known) quite quickly, as, rather like the Gemini man, the Aquarius man has a tendency to change employers and even social groups quite often. This tendency to ‘keep on moving’ generally eases up over time; so, the younger the Aquarius man, the more likely he is to suddenly up sticks. So, if you’re guy is a work colleague, strike while the iron’s hot.

It can be quite difficult to ‘read’ the Aquarius man, as he displays affection to practically everyone. Those in pursuit of the Aquarius man often find themselves falling into the trap of assuming he had stronger feelings for them than was actually the case. In order to avoid misunderstandings, observe him in his dealings with other people; try to gain a sense of how affectionate he is, even with people he hardly knows at all. You should be able to recognise a sliding scale of affection from which you will be able to best judge the intensity of his feelings toward you. The Aquarius man will want a lover who is also a friend, so he is more likely to be attracted to someone he gets along with in a more general, non-romantic way.
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The Ideal Date for the Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man is fond of the strange and unusual, so a night of weird experimental theatre would make the prefect date. He also loves to talk and explore intellectual ideas, so somewhere quiet for a bite to eat afterwards will be perfect.
Beware, it is during your first date that you will probably learn that the Aquarius man likes to talk about his problems, unburdening his woes upon you. Listen and show empathy, but, once he has finished, move onto another, entirely different subject. But don’t think by telling you his problems he is, by implication, inviting you to share yours. The Aquarius man hates hearing other peoples’ problems. Better to just offer him your sympathy and talk about something else!

What to Wear for the Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man can be quite prudish, so avoid anything that’s too flirty. He responds well to unusual styles and colors, however, and is particularly fond of yellow.
He has a love of change, so be sure to wear something that is noticeably different from the clothes he normally sees you wearing. If, at work for example, you tend to wear trouser suits in dark shades, on your date wear a brightly colored dress. If you normally wear your hair up, on your date let it flow around your shoulders.
Go for an unusual perfume, something that’s likely to have him asking, “What is that?”

Gifts for the Aquarius Man

When it comes to gifts, anything unusual will make the Aquarius man happy. Avoid anything practical or ordinary. This can make the Aquarius man quite difficult to shop for, but not impossible. And, on the plus side, it can make shopping a lot of fun. With the advent of the internet, things have got a lot easier. Just Google ‘weird gifts’ and you’ll be surprised at just how many online stores there are catering for the strange and unusual.

Sex and the Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man, as stated earlier, can be a little prudish. For him, sex isn’t the be all and end all of a relationship. That isn’t to say he isn’t interested in sex: far from it. It just isn’t a big deal to him. If you’re a highly sexed individual, you may well find you have to take a dominant, maybe even an aggressive, role in the bedroom. But, depending on your own personality, that can be a lot of fun, and for many women it’s quite refreshing and very exciting!

What an Aquarius man is looking for in a woman

Keeping Your Aquarius Man

Put too many demands on the Aquarius man and you won’t see him for dust. Keep things frivolous and try not to plan too far in advance. Let him have his space and give him time for his friends and other interests (meanwhile you can see your friends and do your things!). That isn’t to say the Aquarius man is not capable of a serious relationship and that he isn’t marriage material. A relationship with an Aquarius man will cement over time and reach ‘the point of no return’ in a natural and organic manner. Typically, the Aquarius man is unlikely to propose in a dramatic fashion, rather he’ll turn to you one day and say something like, “I was thinking maybe we should get married. What do you think?”

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What are You Letting Yourself in For?

Well, we’ve probably covered some of the negatives already! Are you ready for a few more? Okay, then. At his most extreme, the Aquarius man can be completely unsympathetic to your needs, because he’s far too absorbed with his own issues, problems and circumstances. If you’re the type of person who needs a sympathetic ear now and then or a shoulder to cry on, you may have to look elsewhere for comfort.
The Aquarius man’s need to do his own thing and not be pinned down by anybody can make him something of low-achiever, unable to stick at anything and see it through to its conclusion. If you’re looking for a man with a good career and a bank-balance to match, you may be better setting your sights on a Capricorn man. That being said, the Aquarius man can often make his fortune by virtue of his genius rather than from sheer hard work and diligence. He might write a bestselling book, record an award-winning record, but he is unlikely to make CEO of a multinational.

You may find the Aquarius Man more difficult if you’re a…

…Taurus, Leo or Scorpio, and particularly challenging, if you’re a Cancer or Virgo. But don’t worry: true love conquers all!

The Big Do:

Retain a little mystery. He doesn’t need to know everything about you.

The Big Don’t:

Avoid making plans on his behalf.

If you’re really serious about getting your Aquarius Man…

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