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How to attract a Taurus man

In a hurry? Here are our top five tips for making yourself irresistible to any Taurus man:

  1. Be yourself.
  2. Be honest.
  3. Show determination.
  4. Be feminine.
  5. Don’t rush him.

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Why Set Your heart on a Taurus Man?

If you like the strong, silent type, you’ll love the Taurus man. He’s also fiercely loyal and incredibly trustworthy.

Winning a Taurus Man

The Taurus man can be a little slow on the uptake. If you were thinking of dropping a string of hints and suggestive looks and hoping he’d get the message and ask you out, think again. As a rule, you’ll probably have to ask him out yourself! The Taurus man can also be a little untrusting, however, so if you just ask him on date out of the blue, he may be a little taken aback and might even feel you’re having a cruel joke at his expense. Best to be on the safe side and combine both of the approaches outlined above.



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In other words, let him know you’re interested before asking him out: lingering looks, the odd oblique comment about your own singleton status and a few well-placed compliments about his appearance and personality. He may beat you to it, but it’s probably not wise to hold your breath!

The Taurus man is dependable and extremely trustworthy. He dislikes artificiality of any kind, so when complimenting him, it is best to restrict your comments to genuine statements of fact, rather than going over the top. For the same reason, when flirting, don’t lay it on thick; better to demonstrate honest affection and warmth toward him than play the ‘predatory vamp’ card! The Taurus man can also be easily embarrassed, so coming on strong could seriously backfire.

The Taurus man tends to be the strong silent type, masculine but not aggressively so. He is very attracted to femininity in a partner, so if you earn a supplementary income as a cage fighter, best keep that to yourself for the time being!

The Taurus man is generally a very poor judge of character. This means it is highly likely he has been hurt in the past as a direct result of his choice of partner. Consequently he may be something of a tough nut to crack. Be prepared to take your time winning his trust. If you work with or for the Taurus man, be supportive and helpful. It is often a good idea to invite the Taurus man into your confidence on some matter (but not if it means breaking somebody else’s confidence, of course). By demonstrating your trust in him, he will come to trust you. However, the Taurus man doesn’t respond well to weakness in others. Weakness irks him. So the personal matter shouldn’t be something that demonstrates a personal weakness. At work, the Taurus man will admire you if he sees you soldiering on in the face of adversity.

The Taurus man likes a ‘trooper’. A feminine trooper, of course. To the Taurus man, femininity isn’t about simpering and helplessness: it’s strength without aggression, beauty without deceit, it’s fresh, fragrant and honest.

The Taurus man can be a person of few words, so there is a danger that you might feel you’re not getting through to him. You’ll just have to trust your instincts on this one. As long as you’ve taken into account all of the above, you should be able to make your move with confidence.

The Ideal Date for the Taurus Man

The Taurus man loves to cook, so a well-prepared and interesting meal always creates a good impression. He also likes routines, so be prepared to go somewhere he is familiar with, somewhere he feels comfortable. If you are dining out, make sure you don’t plan too much for the evening, as the Taurus man hates to be rushed: better a long, enjoyable meal, than one that is rushed in order to cram in a movie or show.

What to Wear for the Taurus Man

As described above, the Taurus man is attracted to femininity, so you can never go wrong with a dress which subtly displays all the right curves. The keyword here is ‘subtlety’, of course. Despite the Taurus man’s dislike of artificiality, he is not averse to a little glamour. Strategic use of make-up, particularly lipstick, can have a devastating effect on the Taurus man. I of course mean ‘devastating’ in a good way!
Perfume is crucial. The Taurus man loves a fine perfume: something fresh and natural, with just a hint of the exotic.
In terms of colors, the Taurus man finds pastel shades appealing, particularly blue. Soft, sensually-textured materials are a must.
The Taurus man is also quite materialistic and likes the finer things in life, so plump for big brand names if you can.

Gifts for the Taurus Man

The Taurus man is likely to be a keen collector of something. It could be almost anything, but it is unlikely to be anything frivolous. Generally, the Taurus man will collect items of some value – coins, stamps, antique pocket watches… It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to buy the Taurus man something expensive at the outset of a relationship; in fact, it will probably just set those distrust alarms ringing. Better to buy something which relates to his collection: a book on the subject or some sort of small accessory.
The Taurus man also likes music, so is very likely to have a considerable record collection. If you could add something unique and sort-after to this collection, without going overboard, you could score some major points.
Always pay close attention to the wrapping of a Taurus man’s gifts; he’ll appreciate the effort.

Sex and the Taurus Man

The Taurus man enjoys sex. He sees it as something natural, wholesome and fun. He doesn’t tend to favour one night stands; for the Taurus man, sex, love and friendship are all inextricably intertwined, not separate components of a relationship. He prefers the familiarity and security of his own bed, so it’ll definitely be his place, not yours!

Keeping Your Taurus Man

It is remarkably easy to keep your Taurus man, and it all comes down to one thing: trust. The Taurus man is fiercely loyal; he will never betray you. Betray him, however, and you will never be forgiven. This isn’t because the Taurus man is vindictive or an Olympic-grade grudge-bearer, but because he finds it almost impossible to recover from the pain of a betrayal.

What are You Letting Yourself in For?

Okay, time for the bad stuff. The Taurus man can be stubborn, insensitive and boring, and he isn’t fond of change. This latter point can give rise to conflict, given that change is inevitable. Combine this with his occasional insensitivity and he may be somewhat inconsiderate when it comes to your need for change.
He is easily slighted, so you will have to watch your Ps and Qs around him, which can be a little exhausting sometimes. Unfortunately, he also has a tendency to bottle up his emotions then explode unexpectedly weeks after the initial offence.

You may find the Taurus Man more difficult if you’re a…

… Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, and particularly challenging, if you’re a Libra or Sagittarius. But don’t worry: true love conquers all!

The Big Do:

Be feminine.

The Big Don’t:

Don’t betray his trust.

And if you’re really serious about getting a Taurus man…

… you might want to try our brand new Taurus Man Love Spells and Affirmations. Click here.


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