The Pisces man is perhaps one of the most complicated individuals that a woman will ever come across. His complexity can put people off with its lack of definition and seemingly erratic nature. He can appear to be charming and irritating at the same time without a clearly definitive reason. To some people, it may appear that the Pisces man is living in another world that only he can see or experience.

While the Pisces man finds day-to-day activities uninteresting, he has difficulty with unique situations that crop up as well. His ability to make choices is often less than desirable as he finds himself confounded by even the simplest of decisions. He bases his decisions more upon intuition than any sense of logic.

The Pisces man lives in the moment in a world where his reaction to every event, item, person, etc is relative to that moment in time. What might be important one day can certainly not be important on the next day depending on the circumstances surrounding it. He views everything in relation to everything else that already exists for him. Therefore, the Pisces man does not live by an established set of rules, but rather, he lives by his own perception of reality at the time.

Love for the Pisces man also falls victim to this scenario of “in the moment” importance and relativity. He might fall head-over-heels in love with the woman of his dreams or he might fall in love with the temptress of his nightmares. Despite the fact that the Pisces man finds love at random moments in his life, he is capable of passionate and deep feelings for the woman he chooses for his love partner. His love is strongly sensual and has no bounds or limiting factors.

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