How to Attract a Man

How to Attract a Man

The question “How do I attract a man?” is something of an unanswerable query, I’m afraid. Not because it is beyond the ken of mortal minds, but because it isn’t specific enough. The same can be said for many variations on a theme of “How do I attract a man?” For example:

  • How do I seduce a man?
  • How do I make a man want to go out with me?
  • How do I make myself attract to a man?
  • How do I make a man want me?

The problem with all these questions is no in the “how do I” part. And the problem isn’t in the words ‘seduce’, ‘attract’ or ‘want’. The problem is with the word ‘man’.

If you ask “How do I attract a man?”  the first question that springs to my mind is, “What man?”

In other words, who is this man you wish to attract, seduce, have?

I’m assuming you have a particular man in mind. I can’t imagine you’re thinking, Hey, who cares, just so long as he belongs to the male of the species! I

don’t care what he looks like, what kind of personality he has, what his likes and dislikes are! I just want a man! Any man!

So who is he, this Mr Right?

Is he awkward and shy? Is he confident and outgoing? Is he sophisticated and clever? Is he kind and considerate?

Because depending what kind of guy he is, will completely inform the way in which you go about attracting him. The strategy for attracting a shy guy is going to be completely different to the strategy for attracting a man who oozes confidence. The former will require a proactive approach, gradually introducing yourself, getting to know him, lowering his defences, subtly hinting at your intentions. The latter will probably call for a more passive approach, letting him know you’re available and are a fine representative of all that he finds attractive in a woman.

But what does he find attractive in a woman. In other words, how do you attract this man in particular?

Now, that’s a lot trickier that simple ascribing a broad personality type to him. I mean, a shy guy may well want the same things as Mr Confident. Maybe they both love a woman with a sense of humour. Maybe they’re both turned on by  a woman who can recite Byron and attends the opera as often as she can. The fact that one guy is timid and the other is forthright doesn’t mean they want different things when it comes to a female partner.

Astrological Compatibility

So what does he want, this shy guy or sporty guy or artistic guy or entertaining guy?

Well, let’s forget for a moment about what this guy seems like on the surface. I mean, how times have you heard someone recount the events of their exciting hot date and thought, Really? He did that? He seems like such a quiet guy!

So, forget the surface. Let’s home in on one little detail.

His date of birth.


Because his date of birth will tell you what his star sign is.

And from his star sign, we can divulge and extraordinary amount of information, not only about a man’s personality but about what interests him, what irritates him, what he finds important, what he considers trivial. And what he finds attractive. And what turns him on.

Let’s, for example, imagine that this Mr Right you’ve set your heart upon was born on 17th April.

That would make him an Aries man.

Suddenly the question is no longer “How do I attract a man?”.

The question is, “How do I attract an Aries Man?”

And because we understand a great deal about the Aries man, we can move beyond, “How do I attract an Aries man?” to:

  • How do I attract a man who is driven and determined?
  • How do I attract a man who is dominant and full of energy?
  • How do I attract a man who is an old-fashioned romantic at heart?
  • How do I attract a man who likes a challenge?
  • How do I attract a man who is naturally combative, who enjoys a little mental, physical (and even sexual!) sparring?

From these questions, based upon our knowledge of the Aries man, we can formulate a detailed and effective seduction strategy.

This clearly isn’t the kind of guy you go up to and ask out. He’s an old-fashioned romantic. Plus he likes to be dominant. This means he’s going to have to be the asker and you’re going to have to be the askee.


Okay, so how do you get him to ask you out?

Well, first you’re going to need to appear to be the kind of woman he will find attractive. Full of energy himself, the Aries man isn’t going to make a beeline for someone slovenly and lacklustre. You’re going to have to create the impression of someone as energized as he is. Well, almost. Remember, he’s a dominant personality, so he won’t want to be entirely outclassed!

If this particular Aries man is a work colleague, make sure he sees you working hard, volunteering for extra duties and staying late. Make him think, “Who is this driven and determined little force of nature?”

So far, so good. Now, how do you get him to ask you out?

Simple, we take advantage of that old-fashioned romantic nature of his.

Ask for his help. Tell him you’re struggling with something. Play the damsel in distress. Let him be your knight in shining armour. Let him slay that dragon. The dragon doesn’t have to be scaly, reptilian and the size of a house. It could be a flat tyre. It could even be a complex spreadsheet or a really tough SWOT analysis. Anything which requires him to come to the rescue.

Suddenly, you’re not simply the kind of woman he admires — hardworking, ambitious and energetic — you’re satisfying a deep need in a him, the need to come to the rescue, to be chivalrous.

Now, don’t blow it by making yourself too available. Remember, he likes a challenge. If he enquires after what you’re doing tonight, tell him you’ve got a packed schedule. Don’t completely blow him off, because he doesn’t like losing. Just let him know he’s going to have to work a little harder.

See? You’ve gone from how to attract a man, to how to attract a specific man using very specific strategies designed to appeal to and, if we’re being completely honest, manipulate, key areas of his character.

And this can work for any man, not just Mr Aries.

It can work to attract the fiery Scorpio, the daring Sagittarius, the considerate Cancer, the entertaining Leo. It can work to attract any man.

All you need is their date of birth, and the contents of this website.


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