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Men, Sex & Astrology

Right Now, You Can Discover The Sizzling Sex Secrets Of Any Man Of The Zodiac And Use Them To Win, Wow And Keep Him.

And It’s Only


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Men Sex and Astrology

That’s right: our fully-illustrated Downloadable Dossier is less than the cost of a t-shirt.  Read it and you’ll discover exactly what every man from Aries through to Pisces wants, needs and the secret turn-ons even he doesn’t know about!

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When you make the decision to buy our great value dossier, you’ll instantly begin a journey toward an exciting, happy and healthy sex life, as we reveal the truth about all the men of the zodiac and their secret sexual selves.

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Men, Sex and Astrology: own it right now and immediately discover just how easily and naturally you can achieve true sensual happiness, and have the sizzling sex life you only ever read about in books or see in the movies.

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Learn what sex means to him, what turns him on and, most importantly of all, what’s in it for you. In other words, does this guy have what it takes to take you where you need to go! Plus, for each man of the zodiac, an optimum sexual position (with pictures!).

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What’s more, if you buy our instantly downloadable dossier right now, we’ll throw in these extras absolutely free:

Understanding Men's Body Language

Understanding and Reading Men’s Body Language

Combined with the information in Men, Sex and Astrology, this essential eBook will give you the inside track on just what he’s thinking, how he’s responding to your advances and much, much more.

A beginner's guide to online dating

The Beginner’s Guide to Online Dating

Dating websites offer a great opportunity to meet the man of your dreams. However, there are many challenges and potential pitfalls. This eBook will help you overcome those challenges and avoid those pitfalls.

Overcoming Shyness 101

Overcoming Shyness 101

Meeting the man of your dreams is one thing, actually talking to him may be another matter entirely. This sensitive eBook teaches you methods and techniques to help you overcome your natural shyness and develop an inner confidence.

Astrology and Love eBook by Stephen Winters

Astrology and Love by Stephen Winters

The eBook that inspired this very website all those years ago. The perfect companion to the same author’s Men, Sex and Astrology.

That’s five fantastic eBooks that, when combined, represent a powerhouse of relationship, astrology and sexual guidance. All for just $14.99.

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30 day money-back guarantee

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