Personal Development Gurus


Personal Development Gurus

A ‘Next Level In…’ eBook

The world’s most respected personal development gurus deliver their most important messages.

This quick-to-read, easy-to-understand eBook could change your life. You just have to let it.

What’s in it?

Chapter 1     Tony Robbins – Learning How to Achieve Bigger Things

Chapter 2     Steve Pavlina – Quit Griping

Chapter 3     Brian Tracy – Eat a Toad

Chapter 4     Robert Kiyosaki – Why Network Marketing Is Good

Chapter 5     Deepak Chopra – Synchrodensity

Chapter 6     Jim Rohn – Work More Efficiently

Chapter 7     Stephen Covey – Communicating

Chapter 8     Dani Johnson – Facing Fear

Chapter 9     Bob Proctor – No Limits

Chapter 10     Abraham Maslow – Theory of Personality

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