The Ultimate Facial Massage Course


The Ultimate Facial Massage Course

Our instantly downloadable eBook will not only tell you all about facial massage and exercise, it will also show you how to effectively self-administer a facial massage in no time at all!

What is facial massage?

One of the oldest forms of massage therapy, facial massage involves the gentle manipulation and exercise of the skin and muscles of the face. Just as the rest of your body responds well to effective massage, so does your face. And the results can be astounding.

Facial massages are an extremely popular spa treatment, with prices starting at around $45 per session.

What will facial massage do for you?

Facial massage properly administered in accordance with the instructions in the Ultimate Facial Massage Course, can result in:

A smooth, toned and vibrant face

Reduced wrinkles and reduced frown lines

A youthful, glowing complexion

Reduced tension and reduced tension headaches

Improved elasticity and facial pertness

An increased sense of wellbeing

What do you get in the Ultimate Facial Massage Course

38 individual exercises

Detailed full-colour photographs

Step-by-step written instruction

Head, neck & shoulder exercises

A chapter about antioxidants for beauty

A chapter about vital vitamins & minerals

A chapter of beauty recipes

A chapter about beautifying essential oils

A chapter of healthy & delicious juice and smoothie recipes

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