So, you want to seduce Mr Right?



Or ‘How to WOW Your Man in Bed. And Make Him Yours FOREVER’.

It’s a simple fact of life: keep your man satisfied in the bedroom and you’ll keep him, period.

But whilst this is a simple fact of life, the solution is far from simple. TEST TEST TEST

Despite their being some truth to the belief that “all men want one thing” and one thing alone, that one thing comes in many forms.

What works for one man, won’t necessarily work for another. What sparks one man into near-uncontrollable passion may send another fleeing for the door in search of a restraining order!

In other words, a man’s sexual nature is a complex thing.

It is this complexity that can lead to disappointing encounters in the bedroom. Disappointing for you as well as him.

Feeling that you’re not lighting his fire can deliver a serious, even fatal, blow to your own sexual confidence. You can feel that:

  • You lack sensuality
  • You’re clumsy and unskilled
  • You just aren’t sexy enough
  • You just aren’t woman enough

All of this can have a devastating effect not only upon your relationship but upon your self-confidence, self-image and even your libido. You may even feel that:

  • You don’t deserve a fulfilling sex life
  • You don’t deserve a man in your life at all

Don’t panic. Relax.

This is where Men, Sex and Astrology becomes your indispensible tool.

Star sign by star sign, Men, Sex and Astrology tells you exactly what you need to do to push all the right buttons and drive your man into a crazy, lustful frenzy.

What’s more it tells you how to make sure YOU get the most from the experience.

Each star sign, from Aries to Pisces, is broken down into six detailed sections:

  • Overview
  • What Does Sex Mean to the Him?
  • What’s in it for You?
  • What Works for Him?
  • The One Thing You Must Do
  • The One Thing You Mustn’t

Let’s take a closer look at each of those must-read sections:


This section will give you a general insight into your man. His wants and needs. What drives him.

What Does Sex Mean to Him?

Is sex the be all and end all for your man? Is it inextricably bound up with love? Is it just a bit of fun? This section tells all.

What’s in it for You?

This section answers that all important question: is he good in bed? In other words, let’s forget wowing him in bed for a moment and make sure he’s more than capable of wowing you!

Does he have stamina? Is he inventive? Is he a gentle lover or a wild beast? Is he generous or selfish?

What Works for Him?

Now that we’ve ascertained whether or not he’s capable of lighting your fire, we’re going to explore in detail precisely what you need to do to light his fire. This is where we’ll discuss:

  • Seduction techniques
  • %3
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