The Taurus Man in Bed

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The Taurus Man in Bed

Welcome to the third in what I’m informally referring to as our ‘Zodiac Men in the Sack’ series. We’ve covered (or should that be uncovered?) Capricorn and Aries. Next up, that most bullish of star signs, Taurus.

So, what should you expect from the Taurus man between the sheets?

Well, the good news is that the Taurus male enjoys sex. I mean, he really enjoys sex. Like, a lot. His ruling planet is Venus, after all. However, you’ve got to get him into bed in the first place. The Taurus man can be a little slow on the uptake. He doesn’t respond well to suggestive hints and subtle indications. You’re pretty much going to have to tell him what you want outright. But don’t come across all vampish and domineering; he really won’t like that. Just tell him what you want in a straightforward, honest and wholesome manner. The Taurus man is naturally untrusting, so the more to-the-point you are, the better. Also, he likes to feel secure; consequently, he’s much more likely to prefer his place to yours, particularly for that all-important ‘first contact’. The Taurus man also responds very well to femininity of the ‘fresh and floral’ variety.

Turning him on is the easiest thing in the world. The Taurus man’s five senses are almost always turned up to eleven. He is as responsive to smell, sound and taste as other men are to sight and touch alone. The right perfume (fresh and floral, of course), the sound of a sigh and the taste of cherry lip balm will all send the right signals. Combine that with something silky that feels fantastic and shows off all your natural curves and the Taurus man will be like putty in your hands. Actually, not like putty. The opposite of putty.

Sex with the Taurus man will be vigorous. And there’s very little danger of a ‘flash in the pants’: Taurus men are known for their endurance in all things, including (you’ll be delighted to learn) matters of the flesh. He doesn’t view sex as a carnal act; rather, he sees it as something entirely natural, healthy and fun. For the Taurus man, sex is not something separate and ‘other’, it is inextricably entwined with every aspect of his relationship. Love, friendship, loyalty and sex are all a part of the same wonderful continuum. What’s more, he’ll take pleasure from pleasing you. So, unlike the ‘feet first’ Aries, the Taurus man will happily take his time getting to the main course. For the Taurus man, the journey and the destination are almost one and the same thing.

Sounds fantastic. Almost too good to be true. So, what’s the downside?

Well, that’s going to depend on your own personal preferences and perceptions. If you like sex to be adventurous and varied, you may find the Taurus man a less than willing participant in your on-going carnal experiments. The Taurus man doesn’t like change and he isn’t fond of experimentation. He tends to find something he likes and then he sticks to it. His view of sex as something inherently wholesome means that any foray into the realms of kinkiness is almost certain to meet with his disapproval. Not to mention his acute embarrassment. So, if you looking for someone to engage in Fifty Shades of Grey role-playing sessions, the Taurus man is probably not the best of collaborators. Slap him on the ass with leather strap and he’ll most likely just slap a restraining order on you in return!

But if you’re looking for good, honest, dependable lovemaking (and, frankly, isn’t that what most of us are looking for?) then the Taurus man is very much for you. If your tastes run to something a touch darker and a touch more varied, then maybe you should set you saucy little sights on a Gemini.

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  1. I’m a taurus man and i would agree. Sex is something we can’t get enough of, but it has a deeper meaning. We actually cherish the ones we make love to. In our eyes they are queens and it’s our duty to protect, cherish, and pleasure our queens.

    For me personally it is a must to get the woman to climax and as much as she’s willing to handle. My record with a woman was 18 times in one session.

  2. Spoken like a true Taurus.

  3. @Liam

    Oh my god, what is your phone number!

  4. I’m very interested in a Taurus man. And never dated one. Help.

  5. Hi. You’ll find a lot more information about the Taurus man here.

  6. Liam u seriously need 2 send me your phone number!

  7. The taurus man is by far the most loyal possesif down to earth man if hes in love with you he’ll make sure to take care of you as much as possible he will put you first and in bed hes a complete bull he’s as sensual as it can get and he’ll give u a look thar says i want to devour you and they just cant get enough! Theyre very conservative so dont go acting premiscuos being feminine elegant smart classy smelling yummy is a must u have to show him your loyal and faithful its a must!! Sincerely leo woman newly engaged to her taurus man p.s he haa sun moon n venus in taurus ! Good luck ladies

  8. I’m a cancer girl dating a taurus man and I have to say he is the sexiest man I have ever met. In bed, he is intense, gentle, passionate and strong all at once. We’re mad about each other. The sex gets better everytime. He has enormous sensuality. We can talk for hours, and lots of laughs too. He’ drives me crazy!

  9. I’m a Gemini and when I read this I thought darn their not kinky and then I saw the end if this article and I thought, makes sense.

  10. Hmmmmm ive been seeing this taurus guy for almost two years im interested in settling down with me he makes my mind n body go wild im just so attracted to him its like hes a drug and im a fein omg i swear just thinking about him sets my skin ablaze inside n out i just gotta know how to make him mine cause i cant stand for any other women to get near him i must have him asap
    Young Leo lady in love

  11. I’m in a relationship with a Taurus and he is ALWAYS ready for sex and is VERY MUCH into dominating me in the bedroom- whips, handcuffs, restraints etc. In our relationship outside the bedroom I’m the dominant one though.

  12. I prefer fore play before the buried treasure gets dug.. but wen I say I prefer it ill be down there a long while.. and ive had woman say they cant handle the mouth to many times.. and to me thats the best feeling when her legs and body shakes before the main course begins.

  13. I’m in love with a Taurus man and he is so intense and so passionate! They way he stares into my eyes is the main thing I keep thinking about. I’m stuck on this truly amazing guy! He is so sweet!

  14. I’m a 66yrs old taurus man married 43yrs to a woman 2yrs older than me, I completely agree with Liam. As taurus, when it comes to sex we want a lots of sex. We are like chefs; we patiently prepare our partners to be fully satisfied. We want our partners to be readily aroused when the moment comes. Taurus starts early in the morning whispering sexual things in their ears and call them at noon, just to talk dirty. When she comes home her desires are already heighten and ready. I want my partner to climax as much as she’s willing. I might not have the 18 times in one session that Liam had, mine was 8 times the most and I want all my partners to come at least 4 times per session or more, this way my partner is always glowing, satisfied and happy with ecstasy.

  15. I’m a Piscean woman, and have been friends with a Taurean man for a few months now. He really is the sweetest, most thoughtful and most respectful friend I have. He’s been trying to get himself out of the friendzone for a while, and I think I might just give him a chance as I have the best laughs, best hugs, overall best moments with him. And after reading the above article, why not

  16. I’m a Pisces & I’ve known him for a while.. Never payed him any attention bc he has a stone cold don’t bother me face. Which they all have lol. Our 1st time alone was Magnetic. We stayed together for more than 24hours on our 1st date. He took care of me the whole day. I was high off of him. We did NOT have sex☺️.. I give him as much space as possible which is ez bc I’m busy in my own world. We flirt a lot & I know one day we will take it to the bedroom. It’s gonna b crazy. I’m trying my best to only “look @ the merchandise” I know me. One day the fish will be restless & want to see if the day dreams of the Taurus R better in my head or on his bed

  17. In my personal opinion – everything it says about a Taurus man is true. He’s deep as he is sensual, he is totally from Venus. He’s tough yet so sweet like candy. He’s my fellow earth sign, and I’m madly in love with that suave handsome man. Rawr

  18. I am Taurus male, the article says all about the taurus very well, I always want to start the sex slowly with romance , lot of Kissings, teasing , licking and finally I go for intercourse. I want the partner to satisfiy a lot , that’s my motto during sex. Yeah i Always like missinary and spoon positions , sticking to some positions also I like to try new too.

    Yeah as a taurus I will be in sexual intercourse for a long hours. Even after sex completes I like to hug and kiss a lot. No heart to run away. So passionate in sex

  19. Do married /Taurus men have affairs but remain faithful to their spouses?

  20. This is definetely accurate. We do last long. But we are not so much creative in bed so you females must ask. And even then its not guaranteed you’ll get it. But we care so much to satisfy our partners. Our partners comes first in everything we do.

  21. im a taurus male lookng for a virgo lady.slim and mi

  22. If you’re looking for the simple “quicky” then we’re not your man. Be prepared for a long night. We’re the people you’ll remember. And the kink “problem”, way off. We just prefer to be the dominant of the 2. Maybe this Taurus is just a little different though.

  23. I’m inluv wid a taurus male an I’m a taurus female an yes it is true wen taurus men gt into a realationship dey really tke cre of dey women an love dem an only dem dey nt easy 2 gt into bed if u lookn 4 a 1nyt stand an dey luv women dat r clean an smell good also women dat tke dey tym 2 look gud taurus men luv women dat are open abt everytng An nt shy an dey treat women lyk queens dey luv havin sen or u cud call it mkn luv also turnin dem on u shud try hvn a sweet conv whle on da job as well as passionatly kiss squeezn. Ur palms on dey bk an lettn dem nw hw u feel also u may tnk dis is gay bt dey love listenin an tkin ur mind of stuff as well as they the a women who behaves bitchi an hate suprises

  24. I’m a Pisces female flirting with a Taurus man and I too like to take things sloooow and cautious. (Virgo moon) Also like my Taurean, I LOVE sex(Scorpio Rising), sensuous lovemaking, the whole experience. But it’s a little disheartening to learn that he doesn’t like to experiment or isn’t freaky but that won’t stop me from getting to know one. After being with a Gemini man though it’ll be a hard thing to give up.

  25. My boyfriend is a Taurus and I am a Cancer….although he has told me his past sexual experiences were wild I find him to be boring in bed…I am wilder than him…..but I love him immensely and enjoy being close to him in bed….he is concerned about his weight etc and he is shocked that I am such a free spirit…I just wonder why he is so reserved with me…..

  26. I read thru these things for fun and over and over again….I hear the same thing. Your Taurus man will not push the envelope in bed or become a 50 shades role player. I say BS. I’m almost 50 and still fit and sexy. I take care of my self and honestly, women of all ages look at me. I don’t look my age. But I am extremely shy and often blush when I catch a glimpse. What a contradiction eh! To me sex is my time to be Leanardo Da Vinci and create the best time for my partner and myself. Always them first….always. I’d feel guilty if I got off first. As for the adventurousness, I absolutely love sex outdoors. Whether it’s in the car on the boat, the hike my deck overlooking the lake. It is carnal and my ladies often appreciate my enthusiasm and the rush it brings them. Handcuffs, duct tape or cellophane, hands behind back and slathered with coconut oil…….they LOVE it. And I’ve made more women squirt for the first time than I can count. It’s non stop persistence.

    To clarify. I was married for 20 + years and had good sex….when she wanted it. How to kill a Tauren ego. Deny him sex. So I’m not a dirt pig out banging filthy gutter trash, I’m dating a lot of younger women like 35 to 40 max. They are the only ones who can keep up with my desires. I like sweet and wholesome, but you have to be able to CRANK it up when the lips touch. I totally dominate. So why am I still in “hot persuit ” …..a few times, they like what is happening and pull the Fulton relationship cards way too soon. Taurus likes to pursue and when comfortable you will know it…..try to lead a bull into a doorway by his ears…..seriously, not a wise choice. We like honey, be sweet and we will love you and fight for you till the end of time. Don’t hand him a key to your house in the first 3 weeks of dating because he makes you wet and juicy. Bulls don’t like Donkeys. That’s a fact.

    Side note… gawd I love small brunette scorpios with long hair, but have failed miserably with 4. Like Nadda chance. Why? (See we like torture too) haha

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