Welcome to the third in what I’m informally referring to as our ‘Zodiac Men in the Sack’ series. We’ve covered (or should that be uncovered?) Capricorn and Aries. Next up, that most bullish of star signs, Taurus.

So, what should you expect from the Taurus man between the sheets?

Well, the good news is that the Taurus male enjoys sex. I mean, he really enjoys sex. Like, a lot. His ruling planet is Venus, after all. However, you’ve got to get him into bed in the first place. The Taurus man can be a little slow on the uptake. He doesn’t respond well to suggestive hints and subtle indications. You’re pretty much going to have to tell him what you want outright. But don’t come across all vampish and domineering; he really won’t like that. Just tell him what you want in a straightforward, honest and wholesome manner. The Taurus man is naturally untrusting, so the more to-the-point you are, the better. Also, he likes to feel secure; consequently, he’s much more likely to prefer his place to yours, particularly for that all-important ‘first contact’. The Taurus man also responds very well to femininity of the ‘fresh and floral’ variety.

Turning him on is the easiest thing in the world. The Taurus man’s five senses are almost always turned up to eleven. He is as responsive to smell, sound and taste as other men are to sight and touch alone. The right perfume (fresh and floral, of course), the sound of a sigh and the taste of cherry lip balm will all send the right signals. Combine that with something silky that feels fantastic and shows off all your natural curves and the Taurus man will be like putty in your hands. Actually, not like putty. The opposite of putty.

Sex with the Taurus man will be vigorous. And there’s very little danger of a ‘flash in the pants’: Taurus men are known for their endurance in all things, including (you’ll be delighted to learn) matters of the flesh. He doesn’t view sex as a carnal act; rather, he sees it as something entirely natural, healthy and fun. For the Taurus man, sex is not something separate and ‘other’, it is inextricably entwined with every aspect of his relationship. Love, friendship, loyalty and sex are all a part of the same wonderful continuum. What’s more, he’ll take pleasure from pleasing you. So, unlike the ‘feet first’ Aries, the Taurus man will happily take his time getting to the main course. For the Taurus man, the journey and the destination are almost one and the same thing.

Sounds fantastic. Almost too good to be true. So, what’s the downside?

Well, that’s going to depend on your own personal preferences and perceptions. If you like sex to be adventurous and varied, you may find the Taurus man a less than willing participant in your on-going carnal experiments. The Taurus man doesn’t like change and he isn’t fond of experimentation. He tends to find something he likes and then he sticks to it. His view of sex as something inherently wholesome means that any foray into the realms of kinkiness is almost certain to meet with his disapproval. Not to mention his acute embarrassment. So, if you looking for someone to engage in Fifty Shades of Grey role-playing sessions, the Taurus man is probably not the best of collaborators. Slap him on the ass with leather strap and he’ll most likely just slap a restraining order on you in return!

But if you’re looking for good, honest, dependable lovemaking (and, frankly, isn’t that what most of us are looking for?) then the Taurus man is very much for you. If your tastes run to something a touch darker and a touch more varied, then maybe you should set you saucy little sights on a Gemini.

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