Don’t worry, our ‘Zodiac Men in the Sack’ series hasn’t been cancelled. We’ve just decided to add a ‘mid-week mini-post’ to our blogging schedule. Because we like you. ‘Zodiac Men in the Sack’ continues in a few days with the Gemini man. In the meantime, here’s a less boudoir-focused account of the Gemini man:

Sociable and charming in personality, the Gemini man is a fun-loving individual to be around. He is good company more often than not in most situations. Parties, in particular, bring out the gregarious nature of the man with this Zodiac sign. He has a terrific sense of humor that engages people with its spark of gaiety and ingenuous quips of the candid nature of human beings. Communicating with others is easy for this individual at least on a verbal level. In fact, he is intelligent and perceptive as well as humorous.

Routines tend to be a bit of a bother for the Gemini man who would rather experience life on an as-is basis. He prefers to take life as it is without manipulating it to turn it into a regulated schedule of events that shout out “This is next.” Perhaps it is this carefree part of his personality that allows him to remain young in mind, heart, and body throughout the majority of his life. His spirit is his own internal fountain of youth that lets him go through life with a happy-go-lucky swagger that endears him to the hearts of many women.

The Gemini man does not make a jealous lover, tending instead to be more open and casual about love and intimate relationships. Sexual contact might not be high on his list and perhaps this is one of the reasons why he is not bothered by either his or his lover’s affairs. If he does develop a single relationship, settle down, and possibly even marry, he will need a woman with a sense of humor and a desire to engage in intellectual conversation with him. He is not driven to bond with a woman based on sexual needs, but rather, he prefers to bond on an intellectual level.

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