So, what’s the Gemini man like in bed? Good question. But a really hard one to answer, because, unlike most of the men of the zodiac, ‘sex’ and ‘bed’ are not synonymous to the Gemini man. In the Gemini man’s thesaurus, ‘sex’ is synonymous with ‘car’, ‘cemetery’, ‘gym’, public convenience’, ‘Jacuzzi’ or ‘ornamental garden’, but rarely ‘bed’.

Rather than ask what the Gemini man is like in bed, it would be just as appropriate to ask:

What’s the Gemini man like in the Anglo-Saxon Literature section of the public library? Or What’s the Gemini man like on the Spider-Man ride at Universal Studios? Or What’s the Gemini man like in the crypt of the Sacré Cœur whilst a full mass is going on overhead? Or What’s the Gemini man like on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository?

If you haven’t already guessed, the Gemini man is sexually adventurous, not to mention a little inappropriate. If you’re sexually adventurous and a little inappropriate, that’s great. You’re a perfect match. If you tend toward the more prudish and conservative end of the erotic spectrum (Capricorn or Virgo), you may have problems keeping your Gemini man entertained between the sheets (or between the whatever, wherever). And make no mistake, for the Gemini man, sex is very much about entertainment. It is a recreational activity to which he attaches no emotional significance. Sex for the Gemini man is sex; there is little or no danger of him confusing it with anything else. That isn’t to say that sex is a purely physical activity for the Gemini man. For him, sex takes place as much in the head as it does in the bed (or the whatever, wherever). What you say or how you act is as likely to turn him on as the way you look and the things you do (speaking of which, his hands and fingers are his primary erogenous zones). Sexual role-play, whether it’s dressing up or something more complex, elaborate and quite possibly hazardous, is a prerequisite for the Gemini man.

But make no mistake, sex isn’t part of an emotional tangle for the Gemini man and it doesn’t have to be romantic, as it does, say, for the Pisces man.  So, If you’re looking for an uncomplicated and thrilling one-night stand (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that), the Gemini man is the perfect specimen for your purposes. That isn’t to say he’s incapable of being a one-gal man; he is. He’s just incapable of being a one-position, one-venue man.

Here’s a helpful extract from our main ‘How to Attract a Gemini Man’ page:

If you’re unwilling to experiment and inject a little fun and naughtiness into your sex life, the Gemini man is likely to become bored, and a bored Gemini man won’t stick around for very long.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to constantly reinvent yourself for his purposes. Small, subtle changes are sufficient: a different location, a rearranging of the ‘order of things’, or even a new perfume are all enough to keep the more moderate Gemini man on his toes.

The extreme Gemini man is a different matter entirely, of course. You either follow him deep into the world of the sexually weird and wonderful or there’s every chance he’ll head off there with someone else. We’re talking Fifty Shades of Grey territory, here. But the extremes of all the zodiac males present a dizzying array of problems and challenges. Plus, the extreme types tend to be exceptional. You’re much more likely to encounter a moderately audacious and exploratory Gemini man. And, quite frankly, who wouldn’t want to give that a try?

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