Impulsive in romance, the Aries man tends to fall in love immediately. He falls hard with the power and zest of an individual who lives in the moment. This impulsivity propels him through life in many areas including romantic, social, and business. Nonetheless, the Aries man acts with sincerity and a firm sense of his beliefs. Despite his changing emotions that ride up and down much like the hills and valleys of a roller coaster with each new hill becoming the thrill of the moment, he is steadfast in his desires and beliefs as well as true to his romantic interest at least for the time being.

Additionally, the impulsive nature that often rules the behaviour of an Aries man can also lead to some exciting moments for the chosen lover or significant other. Life for this couple might include seemingly random events as each of them becomes caught up in the moment and rushes in to experience love and desire at their fullest capacity. This activity can lead to a sense of exhaustion that often leads to a dissipation of the romantic liaison.

Typically, the Aries man often develops the reputation of a ladies man simply because he is following the path of a star-crossed lover who finds love, recognizes it, and grabs it before it has a chance to disappear. He moves from one relationship to another often finding himself married and divorced several times as he experiences the thrill of new love in a cyclical swirl of romance. This is not to say that he will not eventually settle down, but rather to imply that only a partner who can truly hold his heart will garner his sensitive soul forever. The Aries man has a sensitive nature that is the key to his being.

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