Chivalry still lives in the soul and heart of the Cancer Man. His politeness and courteous nature are unmistakable as he goes through the tasks and events of his day. Believing in traditional values is part of his make up and goes hand in hand with his chivalrous nature. The existence of the Cancer man offers women everywhere a chance to find a gallant knight to sweep her off her feet with undying love.

While his passionate nature is not evident at first, it does come through with flying colours once he feels comfortable in the relationship. In order to develop this sense of comfort and relaxation, the Cancer man must be able to trust his partner in love. Therefore, only those women who have the power to tell the truth and remain faithful will be able to truly hold the heart of a Cancer Man. Should he begin to doubt his chosen one, moodiness and distrust could enter the picture destroying it forever.

If the Cancer man feels unappreciated, grumbling will result. If he feels rejected, the grumbling will turn into a louder roar much like the tumbling of a stream over a rocky descent after a torrential rain storm. His nature is to be quarrelsome if his comfort zone is threatened despite his tendency to portray a gracious nature when matters of politeness are involved.

A woman who can recognize the signs of the Cancer man’s mood changes will be more apt to hold onto his heart for an eternity. Much like a child who needs constant reassuring, his moodiness can be levelled out with comforting gestures and encouraging words. In order to retain his love and loyalty, a woman must never give him cause to doubt her unwavering love and loyalty. If she does, the emotional harm is devastating to his psyche and generally leads to a dissipation of the bond that held them together.


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