Apologies for falling behind schedule! Here’s the latest entry in our ‘Zodiac Men in Bed’ series: the Virgo Man in Bed. Enjoy.

Finding out what the Virgo man is like in bed is far more difficult than finding out what the Scorpio man, for example, is like in bed. Of all the men of the zodiac, the Virgo man is the one who finds it easiest to abstain from sex entirely. This ability to control his libido means you’re unlikely to encounter an overly eager, bed-hopping Virgo man.

This isn’t to say the Virgo man doesn’t enjoy sex. He does. In fact, he can be quite adventurous. But getting him in the sack is always going to be something of a challenge as he can’t be led by the impulses that drive most men. The Virgo man will climb into bed when he’s good and ready and only when the criteria is absolutely right.

So, what is this criteria?

First up, one-night stands are vanishingly unlikely. The Virgo man will find it extraordinarily difficult to be intimate with someone he doesn’t know, someone with whom he isn’t entirely comfortable. For the Virgo man, intimacy is one of the final stages in the evolution of a relationship. He is very much a ‘body, mind and soul’ kind of a guy. He needs to feel he knows you intellectually, emotionally and spiritually before he can take a relationship on to the physical plane. This is pretty much the opposite of what you’d expect from most guys, right? So, depending on your own principles (not to mention your libido) the Virgo man is either a wonderful breath of fresh air, the kind of guy you’ve been waiting to meet all your life, or the most frustrating man you’re ever likely to meet.

Given that you’ll have to make a considerable investment of time, energy and emotion before you get to the between-the-sheets stage of the relationship, you don’t want to suddenly find all that commitment has been wasted on a guy who turns out to be a disappointment in the bedroom department.

Don’t worry, the Virgo man is very unlikely to disappoint.

Beyond the bedroom, the Virgo man is extremely kind and considerate. He likes to make people happy. You’ll be pleased to hear that the Virgo man’s eagerness to satisfy doesn’t stop at the bedroom door. He will like to take his time, going all out to press all your buttons. The Virgo man is also something of a perfectionist, so if at first he doesn’t succeed, he’ll try, try again. Even if it takes all night. The words ‘quickie’ and ‘Virgo’ will never be found together outside of this sentence!

A couple of things to bear in mind. The Virgo man will struggle to achieve intimacy (even with someone who he knows and loves) if he doesn’t feel physically comfortable. He’ll want to be in a familiar place, so it’s more likely to be his place, not yours. Clean, fresh bed sheets are a must. He’ll also feel more comfortable if both you and he are clean and fresh. So, after an aggressive workout at the gym is not ideal! The second thing to bear in mind is that whilst he will be going all-out to satisfy you, he’ll expect you to be doing exactly the same for him. So, don’t be thinking you can just lie their while he does all the work.

To summarise: he’ll need to get to know you first; he’ll want to feel physically comfortable; he’ll expect to get as good as he gives. Tick all these boxes and you can look forward to long, drawn-out lovemaking with a kind, thoughtful man who wants nothing more than to please you!

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