With a kind nature, the Aquarius man’s ability to love runs deeply and strongly. The loving nature of the Aquarius man also enables him to offer loyalty and generosity in his friendships. His sincerity is clearly visible upon his face and in his eyes.

Nonetheless, while the Aquarius man feels his emotions powerfully, he lacks the skills or desire to express this love in any of the subtle niceties that women often find provocative. The gentle caresses on the shoulder, the light swirls carefully traced upon the back, and the tender whisper kisses upon the neck elude the Aquarius man as he courts his woman. It isn’t that he doesn’t love her deeply, it is simply that he is uncomfortable showing it.

Unexpected gifts such as a scented floral bouquet or an intimate lingerie ensemble do not fall under the umbrella of style proffered by the Aquarius man. Instead, he is content to dabble in love with numerous relationships until he finds a woman who is capable of loving him despite his lack of sentimentality.

Extremely independent, the Aquarius man balks at conformity, conservatism, and what is expected in life. Instead, he prefers to remain true to his personal beliefs while dancing to his own tune to get through life. Nonetheless, he is open minded when it comes to new ideas, incorporating them into his mind-set in his own unique way.

Perhaps as a result of his independent nature, the Aquarius man can become stubborn and rigid not only in his thoughts, but also in his determination to stay the path that he has chosen. His freedom is important to him and commitments are difficult unless they are of his own choosing. The perfect match for an Aquarius man is an independent woman who will not tie him down or restrict his activities.


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