Getting Back with your Capricorn Ex-Boyfriend

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Getting Back with your Capricorn Ex-Boyfriend

You were dating a Capricorn, and everything was going great. Well, you thought everything was going great until your Capricorn lover dropped the bomb on you. Now, you´re doing everything under the sun to get back with your ex. Now you may ask yourself, are you doing the right thing? Read on for tips on rekindling a relationship with your Capricorn ex…


If your ex was born between December 22 and January 19, then you are trying to get back with one of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac. In order to get back in good graces with your Capricorn ex, you better be ready to roll up your sleeves. No matter the cause of your break-up, your ex will not cave to begging or crying. In fact, if you are currently pulling on your ex’s heartstrings, you will get nowhere. Instead, you have to take an honest look at your relationship and fight for it with more than just your words.

Use Logic

As an earth sign, Capricorns rarely jump out of a relationship as quickly as they may have jumped into one. The truth that your Capricorn ex didn’t just wake up and call it quits. Things must have been shaky for a while, and breaking up was the most logical way to solve the underlying problem in the relationship. Get your Capricorn ex back by using logic. Before speaking to your ex, make a list of pro’s and con’s about your relationship and clearly outline where you went wrong. You need to have a clear picture about what you have to fix before you present a solution to your ex.

Do the Grand Gesture

Capricorns needs romance, adventure and understanding in a relationship. Without these three, you will find your Capricorn man slowly retreating from you and running into the arms of another. If your Capricorn has already called it quits, it is time to bring out the big guns. Even though Capricorns do not care for tears or irrational displays of anger, they are quite fond the grand gesture. Get creative and do something that your ex does not expect but would love. Melt your ex’s heart away with a gesture that shows how much you actually do care. Putting yourself out on a limb will not go to waste.

Let Go & Live

Chasing your Capricorn ex may be what you really want to do. Coincidentally, your ex’s ego also wants you to do the same thing. Unfortunately, stalking will not lead to another shot at the relationship. In order to get your Capricorn ex back, you must be willing to be patient and wait it out.

Breaking up is something that no one enjoys, especially not the person doing the heart-breaking. If you want your Capricorn ex to feel remorseful about the break-up, you have to be remorseful about the mistakes that you committed during your relationship. After your ex notices a serious change in you, then you may be on the road to getting back together. However, until you put your relationship and actions into perspective, rekindling the relationship will only be a pipe dream.

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  1. Hi! I was wondering if I can still get my ex Capricorn boyfriend back, even if most Caps don’t usually give second chances. When we broke up we agreed to be friends. Then later he started talking to other girls, and later we stared talking again. He told me if I can prove to him that I am worth dating him, he will date me again. We became friends with benefits for a little bit, then we stopped. We still texted but he wouldn’t reply to me right away, and I would send many messages to get his attention. I did lots of things that screwed up his trust, and I made lots of mean things which made him re-consider us being friends. I begged him for one last chance but it was hard since I broke so many chances he gave me. But he finally gave me a chance since he was so annoyed by me. Now I am very serious about getting him back. But he is seeing someone else now. Any advice to get him back? I’m working on to getting his trust back and being the girl he fell in love with again.

  2. Did you manage to get him back? I took a 2 months break from our relationship and dated other guys. I felt very unhappy throughout and realize I love him and want him back. He is disappointed and angry that I dated others and felt that its a NO to get back together. He says he has moved on and has a relationship he is trying. I am trying my best by doing small gestures everyday, hopefully he can think of the good we had and come back to me. Please give me more ideas on what I can do.

  3. i’ve broke with my ex for 1 year and i realize i still love him, we’re all in the same situation, it’s hard to get them back

  4. From a Capricorn WOMAN…
    give it up, when it’s over it’s over and there is no going back!

  5. Hii..i m a capricon woman..its true caps dont easily return. I had 3 relations in which the guys left due to cheating me or for ego..i dealt with heartbreak very badly..but came out more determined and never begged or phoned them..funny thing is they always return..some in months ..others in years..asking to get back..coz,they realised thier mistake and love me..but i never feelings just died.

  6. My Capricorn boyfriend broke up with me giving the reason that he is changing nd is losing some feelings for me . He later comes nd says that he was wrong nd still has feelings for me but don’t wanna be in relationship. Just being friends for some time and then he will decide . But now he breaks up his friendship with me saying I am irritating when I was just caring for him in his dark days.
    I really want him back. Help me please

  7. The best thing to do is let some time pass. Create some space. Take a class or 2 or hang out with friends but don’t date anyone…especially if you’re just trying to make him jealous. Keep in touch by simply saying GM but nothing else. In time he will come around but don’t push him.

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