How to get back with your Cancer ex-boyfriend

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How to get back with your Cancer ex-boyfriend

Highly emotional, Cancers do not waste time with a break up. Once they are done, they are out. If you’re dating someone between June 21 and July 22, you are dealing with a sensitive water sign who takes relationships very seriously. After a relationship is done, they may dabble in maintaining a friendship. However, they soon will move on to another prospect. If you would like get back with your Cancer ex, you have to preserve a friendship and work your way into something more promising before time runs out.

Take Ownership

Whatever the reason for the split, take ownership immediately. Recognize your role in the failed relationship, so you can be on your way to forming a good friendship. Chances are that if your Cancer ex has called things off, an immediate reconciliation is not likely. Do not worry because a solid friendship can help rebuild where things were wrong in your relationship.


Being just friends can feel like a bullet to your heart; however, you must do what is necessary to win back the trust of your Cancer ex. Once your Cancer man begins to open up to you again, let your ex know your true feelings. Do not insist on getting back together. However, you can say that you will do anything necessary to fix the relationship. Ask your Cancer ex about what you need to do to prove that you are ready to give it another shot. Most likely, your Cancer will be vulnerable and tell you exactly what is going on in your ex’s heart. You may not get an immediate response as to what you can do to make things better, but you will have opened a gateway to a future with your ex.

Serious Commitment

You usually don’t meet single Cancers later on in life because they usually settle down one way or another. If you don’t get your stuff together, your Cancer ex will not think twice before moving onto another relationship. Be clear about what you want out of a relationship. Tell your Cancer ex what you are looking for, and let your ex know that you have a lot to offer.

Trying to get back with a Cancer is only reserved for patient exes because it won’t happen in a day or two. The key to reconciling with your ex is to let your guard down and build on the emotional aspect of your relationship. Once you are both on the same page, you can move forward to giving it another try. If you play your cards right, your union may end up in marriage.

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  1. I BADLY NEED YOUR ADVICE! How can i get my cancer ex boyfriend back when ive already broken his trust? Im Leo by the way. Our relationship has been through a lot. Please bear with me coz it is quite long. I met my cancer ex boyfriend last August 2013. I was in bar he approached me to get my #. Im not very interested at him that time for Im still in love with my ex.but after awhile,i was surprised to realize i am no longer depressed because of my breakup and that i started to like him.We had a mutual understanding at first.But i noticed that both of us wants to be secured first before falling.i gave in & fell in love with him.When he noticed that i am falling for him, he said that i should not fall for him and that i should entertain other i did, and he told me that he was only putting me to a test.. WTF?!? So i failed.i found out that his ex wanted him back. So he got back with her because i think he felt that he is not secured with me. Eventhough they got back, our relationship went on & that was the time when i felt that he’s afraid to lose me. They broke up soon & our relationship became better, we became official. He is starting to show sweetness but I failed him again. I had one of the worst days of my life & i got really drunk. He knows that im a total wreck when im drunk. But he said that i flirted with another guy in front of him. I honestly do not have an idea that i did that. He broke up with me. I want him back! I cant forgive myself of the fact that after all the efforts ive done for him, im gonna lose him because of my stupidity! Now he is interested with another girl.

  2. I am a cancer, and I must say… This is 100% accurate. We most definitely are the toughest to get back! I know for deinite .. When I say I’m done; I am DONE. Good luck at getting me back! The way to do it is like this says, by friendship. And be happy and successful. And also, make sure we know were the ONLY person you want and talk to (even if we say were “just friends”) well reject you if there’s someone else or we even think it. Make us feel safe and secure, and let us know by SHOWING us you’re gonna change. If not.. Bye bye!

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