The twelve zodiac signs offer intriguing glimpses into horoscope decorating styles. Whether you’re outfitting your college dorm, first apartment, or a house, evoke your sign’s unique personality characteristics with these great decorating tips.


With Aries as your sign, your decor style is fiery and lively – you probably LOVE to entertain at your home. You may have been reprimanded by a landlord for having your music too loud or too many friends over! Being home is not that important to you, but make your pad a great place to hang out with big speakers, space to dance, a pool table, a bar and a firepit in the backyard. Red is your power color – go bold!


With sensual earthy Taurus as your sign, home is a luxurious place and you probably have the best gardens in the neighborhood. Your ability to grow luscious fruits and tasty vegetables makes anyone green with envy! You also love to work on your home, spending Saturdays building bookshelves, painting, and other do-it-yourself projects.


Hello, are you ever at home? With a sun sign Gemini, it’s all about communication. Set up a high-tech station with your laptop, iPad, and a gazillion other gadgets. Open those windows and let in fresh air, too – you often feel claustrophobic. Paint the walls yellow or pale blue and add pops of color to refresh your eye. You probably move a lot or at least want to.


Cancer, you feel best at home and most secure within your own four walls. Decorate with cozy antiques, heirlooms and shabby chic details. A home by the sea will make you feel the best, so evoke your watery domain with blue walls, seashells and nautical elements. You also love to cook at home!


Drama baby is what it’s about! So, the Leo man wants red velvet curtains, large statues and crystal chandeliers. You also adore movies, so invest in the biggest TV you can afford in crystal-clear HD. You love to throw parties and probably entertain frequently. Deck out your pad in decor fit for the royalty you are.


The Virgo man dearly loves having a neat and clean house with plenty of fresh air and flowers. His home project list includes organizing the cellar and kitchen, since he can’t stand homeless clutter. It’s about organization and tidiness. The country style suits you in green, white and navy, and you prefer casual linens over fussy fabrics. Crisp and clean are your decor words!


Tasteful, classy and beautifully chic describe the best decorator in the zodiac, the Libra man. Others shouldn’t be surprised if your career is interior decorating. You have an eye for the well-made and adore changing styles, but tend to have a modern and colorful aesthetic. You also love French style and secretly want to live in a chic Parisian apartment.


Your home decorating style is dark, cozy, elegant and mysterious. You like to stay at home reading mysteries, watching detective shows, and enjoying your solitude. Shop for decor around Halloween and add a touch of the macabre to your home. Go ahead and decorate with dark colors year-round. Dim lighting, cushy comfortable furniture, and dark woods like mahogany and walnut evoke a Gothic/Tudor style you’ll love.


Like your fellow wanderlust Gemini man, you are rarely home. You’re the sign most likely to travel permanently or call a van or RV home. You probably change your house frequently, so home is anywhere your suitcase and best friends are. You do love to roam, so stock your bookshelves with travel books and decorate your house in a global Bohemian style, stocking with treasures picked up from exotic locales.


Elegant luxury says home, so reject sloppy, tattered, and flea-market styles. The Capricorn man feels most at home in an upscale English country house with traditional old-world style. Leather sofas, mahogany, plaid and cashmere make you feel at home. Putter in the garden to relieve work anxieties, and pick a home near a large forest for woodsy walks.


Your home is decorated in a modern style, with swivel sphere chairs and zany art. Pick a place with a fabulous night-sky view for your telescope, huge open windows for fresh air. You’ll want extra space to indulge your quirky hobbies like growing bonsai, creating glow-in-the-dark soaps, or collecting specimen jars. Set up gadget docking stations in the kitchen to listen to music while you make sushi. Stock up on entertaining paraphernalia for when your oodles of pals drop by. They’ll love your eclectic style.


The Pisces man loves the ocean and would be most at home on a houseboat. Your artistic sense permeates your home, so your art studio is your favorite place in the world. Or you call a beat-up van home, selling maxi dresses or jewelry while you travel the highways and byways. Decorating colors are sea green and blue. You’ll want to collect mermaids and seashells. The Pisces home is cozy, rustic, and so inviting.

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