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If you’ve been dumped by a Piscean, don’t panic. There’s still hope for you yet. When you’re dating someone who was born between February 19 and March 20, you should know that you are with the dreamer of the zodiac. These people are highly idealistic and romantic. When something goes wrong in their storybook, they do not hesitate to jump the gun. Consider yourself warned if your Piscean lover mentions anything about being unhappy because breaking up will be inevitable.

Appealing to the Dreamer

If you were dating a Pisces, you have to be ready to dream along with your ex-significant other. Even though Pisceans can be practical when needed, they prefer to be hopeful, happy and optimistic about love. You may think that this means that they may avoid breaking up, but it is quite the opposite. In order to get back in their good graces, you need to give in to their will. If your ex wants to dream out loud, listen patiently. Don’t argue or even politely disagree when you are trying to reconcile. If you voice your opinion too strongly, your Pisces ex-lover will decide that you are too much drama.

Plain Fun

Remind your ex about how much fun you used to have when you were together. Once you’ve been broken up for at least two weeks and you’ve given your ex enough space, it is time to apply the pressure. In order for you get anywhere with this sign, you need to get as many face to face interactions as possible. Even though Pisceans have a knack for various subjects and are naturally intelligent, the way to this sign’s heart is not through intellectual stimulation. These people need to laugh, experience life and feel adventurous. By taking your ex to a concert, sporting event or even to the movies, you will be gaining points for drumming up a good time.


Your Piscean ex probably has no desire to talk about the break up extensively. Instead of hammering out the details of your separation or begging for another chance, you should focus on doing nice things for your ex, such as buying groceries, fixing a broken lamp or buying a thoughtful present. Your ex will appreciate the gesture and miss having you around to help with everyday life.

If your Piscean ex threw in the towel, you must have fallen short in the romance department. Do whatever you have to do to bring back the passion into the relationship, anything that you think will help to bring a smile on your ex’s face and take you back to happier times in your relationship. If you were once good with a Piscean ex, you can share good times again. However, the trick is that once you seal the deal, you have own up to your word and preserve the relationship to the best of your ability.


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