I appreciate you’re a busy person, so I’m not going to ramble on before I answer your question. The zodiac signs (for there are three) most attracted to older women are:
  • The Gemini Man
  • The Sagittarius Man
  • The Aquarius Man
(This isn’t to say the remaining nine men of the zodiac are not attracted to the older woman: there’s a roundup at the end of this article.) If you have a little more time to spare, I’ll tell you why these zodiac males are attracted to the more mature woman and which of them is the best match for a stable, long-term relationship between a young man an older woman. But first, some rambling… Why shouldn’t you desire a relationship with a younger man?
  1. A younger man has little or nothing in the way of emotional baggage to weigh him (or you) down. There’s unlikely be very much fallout from previous relationships.
  2. A younger man hasn’t become jaded by life’s low points. He’s still likely to be optimistic and upbeat, and this may add a touch of sparkle to your own outlook on life. We all know how contagious enthusiasm can be. Also annoying, yes. But let’s stick with contagious, for now.
  3. He’s young; nascent, even. You can shape his development, turn him into the kind of man you want and need: a chef in the kitchen and a gigolo in the bedroom. That’s a nice word: nascent. Let’s say it again, and this time savour it. Nascent.
  4. He’ll approach sex with the eagerness and vigour that older men are often unable to muster.
  5. He may not last as long (until you’ve shaped him that it is — remember: nascent) but he can rise to the challenge again and again and again. And again.
  6. Younger men are all shiny and new.
Relationships with older women are quite the thing nowadays. The term MILF is so common now, it’s already starting to sound quaint, despite its crudeness. And although I’m not fond of the term ‘cougar’ (it sounds predatory, verging on the pathological) but its entry into the mainstream of American idiom certainly suggests something of a sea-change. In short, the older woman/younger man relationship has become normalised to the point where it may well seem off-puttingly pedestrian to the more adventurous woman. So, onto those star signs and their predilection for a more mature woman. Now, if you’re not interested in a long-term relationship, if you’re just looking for a roll-in-the-hay (do people still say that? What do you mean, “they cancelled The Fall Guy 30 years ago”?) then you only need three words: Gemini, Sagittarius , Aquarius. If you want to know why you’re capable of floating the boat of these particular zodiac males, simply by virtue of your years, read on. The Gemini Man and the Older Woman The reason the Gemini man is likely to find himself attracted to the older woman is because he’s the Mr Grey of the zodiac. Kinky and experimental, there’s nothing he won’t try in his quest for the new and the as-yet unexperienced. So, when it comes to the older woman, the Gemini man will be more than eager to give it a whirl. Also, he’ll see an older woman as being more experienced and more eager to try new things, shying away from the vanilla because she’s ‘been there and done that’. Whether or not this sexual and sensual curiosity can be used to form the foundations of a long-term relationship very much depends on you. If you can keep up with the Gemini man’s appetite for experimentation and craving for novelty, then great. If you’re looking for a fairly traditional relationship that just happens to feature a guy with tight buns, rock-hard abs and all his own hair, then probably not. Remember, at the more extreme end of the Gemini-man spectrum lurks the gimp-suited figure with a taste for all the right kinds of pain. Again, if this floats your boat, cool. If not: run! The Sagittarius man and the Older Woman The Sagittarius man is the zodiac’s great adventurer. He’ll try anything once. The possibility of a sexual relationship with an older woman would be regarded by him as something of an adventure. But whereas the Gemini man is, generally speaking, fleeing from tedium and conventionality, the Sagittarius man is plunging headlong toward excitement and stimulation. It’s certainly arguable that, despite their similarities, the Sagittarius man’s drives are the healthier of the two, a push toward the positive rather than an escape from a perceived negative. The Sagittarius man responds positively to certainty and confidence in a woman, the kind of certainty and confidence that comes with time and experience. The certainty and confidence of the older woman. As well as being a physical adventurer, the Sagittarius man is also a mental adventurer, a traveller of the inner landscapes of the mind. He’ll be turned on as much by your mind, the knowledge that comes with experience, as he will be by the sensual tricks you’ve picked up over the years. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, however, things could be a little bit tricky. The Sagittarius man has a fear of being tied down. Actually, forget fear; the Sagittarius man has a mortal terror of being tied down. That isn’t to say he doesn’t want to have a stable and loving relationship or even get married. He just represents something of a challenge in this area. The Aquarius Man and the Older Woman The Aquarius man values knowledge, learning and experience. Simply talking to a woman who knows more than him, has seen and done more than him, will be an enervating experience. A woman who can do things to him and with him that positively thrum with knowledge (a walking, talking Kama Sutra, as it were) will be a huge turn-on. What’s more, the Aquarius man is less enamoured of physical appearances than most men of the zodiac. He really does think beauty comes from within. A woman with laugh lines, wrinkles and grey hair and with her firmer, perkier years behind her will not be a problem for him (and why on earth, should it?). In fact, these physical indications of knowledge and experience will conform with his unconventional notions of beauty. So of all the signs of the zodiac, I’d say the Aquarius man is a the best match for an older woman looking to kindle a physical relationship with a younger man, particularly if you’re hoping to create something that’s going to go the distance. The Rest of the Zodiac and the Older Woman All of this isn’t to say that the remaining nine men of the zodiac aren’t capable of forming a relationship (or indulging in a little harmless and fun flingery) with an older woman. When it comes to sex, the Scorpio man is pretty much incapable of saying ‘no’. So, age difference is no barrier. The Aries Man and the Older Woman The Aries man is quite combative, he loves a strong mental sparring partner. A confident, experienced, older woman could provide just such a challenge. The Cancer Man and the Older Woman The Cancer man, mother-lover that he is, will be drawn to the more mature woman for many reasons. Some of them, quite possibly, very, very wrong! But, you know, take it where you can get it. The Leo Man and the Older Woman The Leo man just wants to be admired and appreciated, in the bedroom as with everything else. He’s not particular when it comes to the demographics of his adoring audience. The Virgo Man and the Older Woman The Virgo man is attracted to kindness, generosity and gentleness, seeing past the physical. When it comes to sex he can be a bit take-it-or-leave-it, but when he does take the plunge, he enjoys sex that is calm, patient and considered. The uncontrolled ardour of the horny youth may not be his cup of tea. Which is where you step in. The Libra Man and the Older Woman The Libra man is the zodiac’s great ditherer. Indecisive to a point, he needs to be led. And this includes in matters of romance and the flesh. He’ll be comfortable with an older partner who can take him in hand, as it were. Plus he loves to talk and debate. A more experienced partner is likely to be able to supply more stimulation in this department. What’s more, the Libra man is very much the marrying kind. If you’re after a quick hit-and-run (or, indeed, bump-and-grind), you may want to look elsewhere. The Capricorn Man and the Older Woman The Capricorn man is attracted to achievement as much as physicality, and an older woman is far more likely to have had her fair share of successes and clambered higher up the slippery pole of career advancement. Plus, she’ll have more money in the bank. The Pisces Man and the Older Woman The Pisces man doesn’t crave excitement and adventure. He loves peace and tranquillity. His goal is contentment. But he’s a romantic, too. An older woman could very easily provide the calm in the eye of the storm that he’s looking for. Not for him the drama of modern relationships. Plus, he lives as much in his head, in his fantasies as he does in the real world, to the realities of the aging process are unlikely to trouble him, at all. And that’s it. Everything you wanted to know about the men of the zodiac and older women. If you have anything to add or feel, perhaps, I’ve misrepresented one or more of the men above, please feel free to add a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.  

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