Sex in the City star Sarah Jessica Parker and Ferris Bueller charmer Matthew Broderick first became an item back in 1991. Their relationship smouldered for a full six years before they made the plunge into matrimony in 1997. This year, they will have been together an astonishing 24 years.

24 years. Just about a quarter of a century. That’s a successful relationship by anyone’s reckoning. But in the giddy and often treacherous world of show business glitz and Hollywood glamour it’s something closer to a miracle.

So, what’s their secret. Well, we really couldn’t say (who really knows what goes on behind closed doors?) but the zodiac may allow us to speculate a little about the likely challenges and rewards of the Jessica Parker/Broderick marriage.

Let’s take a look at their sun signs. Born 25th March 1965 (looking fabulous at 50), Sarah Jessica Parker is an Aries. Matthew Broderick, born 21st March 1962 (but still looking as boyish as ever) is slap-bang in the middle of the Pisces-Aries cusp. If we knew the precise time of birth, we could make an assumption for one sign or the other, but unfortunately we don’t.

As you doubtless know, cusp personalities are complicated. It isn’t just a case of mixing-and-matching traits from one sign and the other, to create some kind of ‘fishram’ or ‘ramfish’. Cusp individuals are personalities in their own right and the balance of fish or ram will vary, sometimes dramatically from person to person.

However, Matthew Broderick’s cusp status may go some way to explaining the longevity of his relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker.

As an Aries, Sarah Jessica Parker will be strong-willed, determined, passionate and adventurous. She will very quickly identify what it is she wants and go all out to pursue it. It will prove an extremely difficult task to dissuade her from any course action upon which she has set her heart; the Aries ego is prodigious and these people are not easily derailed once they think they’re on-track. Fiercely independent, Sarah will like time to herself, reacting poorly to any attempt to curtail her freedom. We’re not talking ‘open relationship’ stuff here, by the way, just the freedom to come and go as she pleases and pursue a course of action should she choose to without feeling the need to consult her partner.

Now, if Matthew Broderick was also an Aries, there could very well be problems. Two people loudly declaring that their way is the right way, the only way, is a recipe for argument on an epic scale. Similarly, two adventurous types who don’t take kindly to the word ‘no’, without anybody in the relationship raising a note of caution, could lead to the reckless pursuit of excitement with tragic consequences. On the plus side, such a relationship would be lit-up on a regular basis by all the right kind of fireworks. The sex would be spectacular. And sometimes that’s enough to keep even the most explosive relationship in one piece, counterintuitive as that may seem!

If Matthew Broderick was a Pisces, then we could be looking at a very different kind of relationship. A sensitive and cautious Pisces man may struggle to contain the volcanic passions of an Aries. This could go one of two ways: The Pisces exerts a calming, cooling influence on the fiery Aries or the Pisces is battered, bruised and belittled by the regular sparring with the Aries ego and its unwillingness to admit defeat.

As a cusp personality, however, and given the fact that the duration of their relationship speaks for itself, Matthew Broderick is clearly an exceptional match for Sarah Jessica Parker. He will be tough enough, fiery enough, determined enough and, let’s face it, man enough to handle his wife’s more combustible behaviours. His sensitivity will act as a barometer, allowing him to pre-empt any potential areas of conflict, long before he finds himself in the thick of it. Even the Aries need for independence could happily coincide with the Pisces need for a little time to be alone with his thoughts.

Given a relationship with just the right quantities of passion, excitement, thoughtful compromise and quality ‘me time’, I don’t think we’ll be too surprised to see Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker still happily married 25 years from now. Best of luck to them.

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