There’s nothing quite like the thrill of the first date. There’s also nothing quite so stressful. You want to get everything just right if you’re looking to get a second, third or fourth date. In fact, it’s not unreasonable to look at the first date as the foundation stone for an entire relationship. That’s assuming he meets with your high expectations, of course!

With a little help from the zodiac, we’re going to take a little of the guesswork out of the first date dilemma and let you in on the kinds of things that men from Aries to Pisces find agreeable when it comes to first dates.

The Ideal Date for the Aries Man

The Aries man likes his food, so a meal is always a good idea. Generally, the Aries man likes his food very traditional or very adventurous, but never bland. There has always been a certain amount of debate over whether or not the Aries man is a great lover of spicy food; it could go either way, but he will generally love it or hate it. The only downside to a restaurant date is that the Aries man is apt to concentrate more on his food than on you!

Alternatively, a high energy date always goes down well: something sporty or exciting.

The Aries man tends to be impulsive, so he’s likely to respond well to a spontaneously-suggested and novel activity, so make a note of anything he’s never done before.

The Best Date for the Taurus Man

The Taurus man loves to cook, so a well-prepared and interesting meal always creates a good impression. He also likes routines, so be prepared to go somewhere he is familiar with, somewhere he feels comfortable. If you are dining out, make sure you don’t plan too much for the evening, as the Taurus man hates to be rushed: better a long, enjoyable meal, than one that is rushed in order to cram in a movie or show.

Great Date Ideas for the Gemini Man

Single location dates are a big no-no for the Gemini man. So, forget about a three course meal or an opera. The perfect date should consist of a series of vignettes: a quick bite to eat in one location, a couple of drinks somewhere else… make it up as you go along.

The Gemini man will be turned off by a date that feels like it’s running to an itinerary or strict schedule. As far as dates are concerned, the Gemini man’s favorite words are “Let’s just see what happens.”

The Ultimate  Date for the Cancer Man

From the Cancer man’s point of view, the perfect date is one where he gets to cook for you. He loves nothing more than to magic-up something in the kitchen and have you drool with appreciation. Make sure you let him know in advance the kinds of foods you won’t or can’t eat, because he will be devastated if you are anything less than blown away by his culinary efforts.

If you’re looking to eat out, be sure to go somewhere the food has that ‘home-cooked’ appeal, somewhere he feels he can deconstruct the meal into a recipe which he can recreate at a later date. He’ll thank you for adding to his gastronomic knowledge.

If you’re not at the date stage yet, but want to invite the Cancer man along to something he might enjoy, allowing you to move things rapidly into the date stage, try an outdoor activity. The Cancer man likes fresh air and exercise (but nothing too arduous). A hike through the woods or a spot of sailing will leave him feeling happy and invigorated. So much so, he might even ask you out!

Excellent Date Ideas for the Leo Man

The Leo man is a pleasure seeker by nature, but not destructively so. A night out at a comedy club would be the perfect date. Alternatively, a gourmet meal at an exclusive restaurant or bistro: the Leo man likes to feel spoilt and he likes to spoil his partner.

The Leo man likes to take a traditional approach to gender roles on a date, so let him open doors and pull out chairs for you, let him drape his coat over your shoulders (even if you’re not in the least bit cold!). All of this will make him feel regal, and the Leo man loves to feel like a king.

If you’re looking for something more neutral and less ‘date-like’, the Leo man loves physical activity. He will enjoy practically any sport or – a great opportunity to get up close and personal – dancing.

Winning Date Suggestions for the Virgo Man

The Virgo man is kind and charitable by nature, so inviting him to some kind of charity function will put you in a very favourable light. For the Virgo man an evening of helping people less fortunate really is the perfect date!

However, if you’re looking to do something a bit more romantic than helping out in a soup kitchen for a couple of hours, the Virgo man is quite cultured and will find an evening at the theatre extremely satisfying

The most important thing to remember when dating a Virgo man is never, never, be late. Not even a teensy bit fashionably late. For the Virgo man, punctuality is a virtue and lateness an inexcusable vice.

Where to Take a Libra Man on a First Date

Once you’ve established your particular Libra man’s musical tastes, a concert makes a great venue for a first date, whether it’s a large concert hall and full orchestra or an intimate jazz club. Then, afterwards, head somewhere quite to talk, talk, talk about it all.

The Libra man is also a romantic at heart, so don’t be afraid to plump for the clichéd candle-lit dinner.

The Scorpio Man’s Ideas of a Great First Date

As an aficionado of mysteries and secrets, the Scorpio man will enjoy a date at the movies, particularly if the feature in question is an intricately-plotted whodunit with plenty of twists.

The Scorpio man also likes to win, especially at games or sports that require the application of intellect and strategic planning. Although a game of chess might not seem like the most romantic of date activities to you, the Scorpio man will appreciate it.

The Scorpio man’s love of mysteries means he also loves to find things out. So, a trip to a museum might make an ideal first date if you’re looking for something a bit more ‘neutral’ than the candle-lit dinner.

If you’re looking for a really cheap date, however, sex is always an option! Seriously: anytime, anywhere; always sex.

First Date Scenarios for the Sagittarius Man

A party makes a great neutral ‘dating ground’ for the Sagittarius man. If you ask him to accompany you to a party to which he would not otherwise have been invited, he will be especially grateful. Another good venue for a date would be anything which involves a degree of risk, such as a casino.

Most Sagittarians are lovers of good food and drink, so the traditional dinner date is perfectly acceptable, particularly if you are introducing the Sagittarius man to a new kind of cuisine. “There’s this amazing Aztec restaurant…” is the kind of invitation the Sagittarius man is powerless to refuse. If the food is potentially lethal, all the better, as far as the risk-taking Sagittarius man is concerned.

The Capricorn Man and that All-Important First Date

The Capricorn man not only wants to be successful, he is also attracted to the trappings of success. A meal at an exclusive restaurant would make a perfect first date. Avoid unusual food, however; he prefers his food simple and traditional.

Don’t be afraid to talk about work over your meal. Whilst with a lot of men, the last thing they want to talk about is the drudgery of the working day, for the Capricorn man, it is practically imperative. And don’t just talk about what you did at work today, talk about tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, about your plans and ambitions. But remember, these really must be plans and ambitions, not wishy-washy dreams. He’ll want to know what your goals are, what steps you intend to take to achieve those goals and, most importantly of all, which steps you’ve already taken to achieve those goals. The Capricorn man has no time for daydreamers.

Let him talk about his plans and ambitions. If there is any way you can help him achieve these ambitions, let him know: the Capricorn man not only wants his relationships to be a success, he wants them to be about success.

Outstanding First Date Ideas for the Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man is fond of the strange and unusual, so a night of weird experimental theatre would make the prefect date. He also loves to talk and explore intellectual ideas, so somewhere quiet for a bite to eat afterwards will be perfect.

Beware, it is during your first date that you will probably learn that the Aquarius man likes to talk about his problems, unburdening his woes upon you. Listen and show empathy, but, once he has finished, move onto another, entirely different subject. But don’t think by telling you his problems he is, by implication, inviting you to share yours. The Aquarius man hates hearing other peoples’ problems. Better to just offer him your sympathy and talk about something else!

What the Pisces Man Wants from a First Date

Let him choose. Not only will he thank you for it, you’re almost certainly assured of a fun and interesting date, because the Pisces man is very creative and will tend to avoid conventional (i.e. boring) venues for a date.

If he does leave it up to you to choose (and he may well do, as it seems the gentlemanly thing to do), go for something romantic. Candles, flowers, violins, sunsets, beautiful gardens: all these things make the perfect backdrop for a date with the Pisces man.

As the name suggests, Pisces are, on the whole, very fond of seafood. So, a romantic seafood restaurant with candles and a string quartet would be ideal.

Avoid anywhere bright, noisy and chaotic. Go for peaceful and orderly every time.

So, there you have it. There’s more to first dates than a fancy dinner and a movie. A lot more. Best of luck and happy romancing!

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