Love and the Aries Man: Taking Your Relationship from Best Friends to Red Hot.

Driven and determined, an Aries man is the quintessential “traditional romantic” at heart. A hard worker through and through, there’s something about the thrill of the chase that gets the ram’s blood pumping. If you’re looking to turn a friendship with this fiery, independent man into something with more sizzle, you may be best served by utilizing everything you already know about his complex, intriguing personality–and then putting your own feminine wiles to work. After all, there’s nothing hard-headed Aries enjoys more than a strong, sexy, challenge.

Get Your Aries Man to See the Real You

Chivalrous to a fault, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get your Aries BFF to notice your newfound interest in him–though you may have to take a direct approach. Simply wait until one of your many mental, verbal, and psychological sparring matches (and any close friend of an Aries knows how he loves to debate) and toss in a little flirting. But don’t concede victory too early; it’s the challenge that gets his heart racing.

The ram, who tends to see himself as a knight in shining armor, is also subconsciously drawn to energy and changes. Try switching up your look for the day and seeing if he notices your mini-makeover.

Let Your Aries Man Call the Shots

A romantic at heart, the Aries man enjoys a traditional courtship and responds well to subtlety and a little mystery. You most likely got to be his good friend by being feisty, assertive, and independent–all traits that you should maintain in order to win his heart. But with mighty Mars ruling his thoughts, the Aries man of your dreams can have a substantial ego, as well. And making the transition from bestie to girlfriend might mean that he feels that fragile ego threatened, so take care: he prefers to be the boss in the end. He isn’t looking for a meek and timid church mouse who will “yes sir” him every time–needing instead someone who can speak her mind and challenge him mentally. But to get an Aries man to fall hard, you the balance needs to be just right. A born leader, he prefers someone who is willing to be a team player and let him take that lead.

Give Your Aries Man Space – But Keep Things Hot

Unlike some other zodiac signs, the sly tactic of trying to make an Aries man jealous by letting him know other guys are interested in you or letting him “catch” you flirting with another friend is most likely the kiss of death when it comes to your budding relationship. Loyalty is paramount to the ram, and if he doesn’t believe he’s number one in your eyes, it will most likely be the end of things. However, while he shies away from manipulative, jealous and controlling behavior at all costs, he also desperately craves his space. If he feels tied down or suffocated, he is most likely to run, or to want to revert the relationship back to friendship, when his independence wasn’t threatened.

On the flip side, however, if you’re able to generate an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement, it’s guaranteed to captivate that well-known Aries energy. Keeping his adrenaline pumping (especially where sex and intimacy are concerned) with spur of the moment excitement and last minute plans is the key to keeping him in love–and lust–with you.

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