Love and the Taurus Man: Taking Your Friendship to the Next Level

Fiercely loyal and trustworthy to the end, the Taurus man is the quintessential strong silent type. With so many genuine, positive attributes, it’s really no wonder you became such good friends with him to begin with. But when you’re ready to take your relationship with your bull BFF to the next level, it’s important to have a good grasp of his many attributes–as well as his likes and dislikes in a partner–in order to seal the deal and make the crossover from friend to lover.

Understanding the Taurus Man

If you think subtle flirting and suggestive looks are enough to get you out of the friend zone and land you in the arms of the Taurus of your dreams, think again. Notoriously slow to catch on to subtleties, your best approach is to be open and honest with anyone under this star sign, as they value honesty and trustworthiness above all else. Let them know how you’re feeling, drop in the occasional compliment about them and their appearance or personality, and then let them know that you’re single and available. There are few things that Taurus dislikes more that artifice of any kind, so being up front without being pushy will earn you major brownie points.

Let Him Take His Time

The bull doesn’t respond well to being rushed. Patience is one of his biggest virtues, and if you’re going to love a Taurus man, you should learn to develop plenty of it for yourself. The golden rule for attracting and dating a Taurus is to allow him to take his time in pursuing you and allowing the relationship to develop. It takes time for his trust to build, especially in cases of something as important as love and sex. Give him time to get comfortable and build up to the right moment, and he’ll ensure that the wait was worth it with plenty of passion and tension when the moment is right.

Doll Yourself Up

Ruled by Venus, the normally pragmatic and down to Earth Taurus has a soft spot in his heart for physical beauty. One way to get him to see you differently now that you want to be more than friends is to change the way you look when you’re around him. As a general rule, bulls are a sucker for femininity and style, so seek out softer looks–let your hair down if you’re comfortable with it, seek out pastel accents, and treat his highly developed senses with irresistible scents and high quality tactile fabrics. But remember to always be yourself. Taurus is on the lookout for someone as genuine as they are, and will spot a cheap imitation a mile away.

Be a Practical, Reliable, Trustworthy Partner

In order to truly win the heart of a Taurus, you’ll need to show him that you’re a reliable, trustworthy partner; in it for the long haul. Highly successful and motivated themselves, they appreciate a woman who brings practical, real-world skills to a relationship. Things like an established career of their own and solid homemaking skills (including cooking–the way to a Taurus’ love is most definitely through their stomach) go a long way towards making a big impression with them.

Don’t worry too much about coming across as monotonous–unlike many other star signs, the Taurus actually favors routine and reliability; viewing them as a sign of reliability. They are distrustful of unexpected surprises, and would usually rather you avoid too much sudden unpredictability.

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