Love and the Gemini Man: Out of the Friend-zone and Into the Fire

One of the most dynamic and intriguing signs in the zodiac, life with a Gemini man is anything but dull. Embracing life with zest, fervor, and a sense of adventure, the energy of a Gemini is palpable, which is probably what drew you to becoming his friend in the first place. But when you’re ready to graduate that friendship to something more passionate, there are a few things you need to know about the irrepressible spirit of the Twins before jumping in with both feet.

Understanding the Gemini Man

A whirling dervish of activity, few things frustrate the Gemini more than having to deal with bureaucratic restrictions and red tape. Despite being incredibly bright, communicative, and highly intellectual, he’s unlikely to stick around any one job for very long; needing to be constantly stimulated and engaged. It’s not uncommon for some Geminis to make entire career changes on a whim. So if you’re planning on playing it safe–don’t. Now is the time to make your move with this ever-evolving intellectual.

The Gemini is a lover of adventure, travel, and great conversation, so use this to your advantage when capturing his attention. Ask him about the stamps on his passport, his dream vacation, politics, great music…anything to get this chatterbox going. Just don’t stick to the same subject matter for too long, and your Gemini love interest should find you intriguing enough to seek out for another hit of frivolity.

Gemini Men and Their Space

Perhaps more than most any other sign in the zodiac, Geminis need plenty of space. If you’re foolish enough to think you can tie down a Gemini man, especially in the early stages of a relationship, you’re sure to find yourself very single, very quickly. If you tend to be the jealous type, it can be difficult to sit back and allow the naturally flirtatious Gemini all of the “alone time” they require, especially when you know them to be the charming, silver tongued devil they can be. But the truth is, the Twins are remarkably loyal, and have no intention of being up to no good–they simply require room to be the social butterflies they are. Avoid showing signs of jealousy and mistrust, and be flexible when he wants to change plans, which is likely to be often. Loving a Gemini means loving a free spirit; you’ll never really “own” them.

Be a Chameleon

Catching your Gemini BFF’s attention isn’t difficult. A butterfly, he flits from flower to flower, always on the lookout for something intriguing, exciting, and alluring. But in order to keep that attention, you’ll need to ensure his interest stays focused on you. And the best way to do that? Reinvent yourself often. The Gemini man hates monotony and routine (especially in his love life) and thrives on variety, so you can keep him on his toes with changes to your look, style, and overall vibe.

No need for a complete makeover every week. Just keep things spicy with last minute plans, a new hairstyle, fun new sexual position, or even a different perfume to keep his interest piqued.

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