Love and the Cancer Man: How Astrology Can Help You Turn Your Friendship into Something More

Fastidious, hard working, and nurturing, a Cancer man is among the most organized and responsible of the zodiac. Unfortunately, a deeply rooted fear of rejection is likely going to mean that making the first steps in the shift from friendship to courtship is going to land squarely in your lap, as the notoriously trigger shy Cancer will find it difficult to make the switch without fear of losing your friendship–and possibly being denied in the process. Since the leg work for converting this relationship is most likely going to be up to you, it’s in your best interest to have a decent understanding of what makes the sensitive Crab tick; and what you can do to ensure you win Cancer lover over for the long haul.

Understanding the Cancer Man

Forget subtle hints and gentle suggestions. If you’re ready to exit the friend-zone and land squarely in love with your Cancer best bud, your best bet is to come straight out and say so, in no uncertain terms. His general fear of rejection will stand in the way of him being able to pick up on subtleties and coy flirting, so direct and to the point is a better tactic all around.

A dedicated and hard worker, you’ll often find him toiling away long after everyone else has gone home. If you happen to be coworkers, use this to your advantage as you make your move–perhaps bringing dinner or cookies (double bonus points if you made them yourself) to his desk if he’s working late and striking up a pointed conversation. Remember that few things matter more to the Crab than his family (and, to him, this includes his very close friends) so ask him about his mom, and bring up your own relationship with those who matter most to you as you strive to show him a whole new side of yourself.

The Sensitive Cancer Man

As one of the most sensitive men of the zodiac, it’s important that you keep in mind that Cancer men will be turned off by someone coming across too strongly or too pushy at first. Take your time, as the Crab is a reserved and shy creature, especially in the beginnings of a relationship. Predatory personalities rub against the emotional, sensitive nature of the Cancer–he needs a partner who can handle his quiet moments, his mood changes (there will be many of them) and his expressions of feelings and sentiment without judging him.

The Cancer Man: Traditional Values

The ideal partner for a Crab is going to share his traditional approach to love and his old-fashioned views on soul mates. For the most part, Cancers are seeking a happily ever after fairy tale of some kind, not a one night stand, meaning they aren’t going to be happy with someone they suspect is out to play the field. Known for their sense of romance, Cancer is fond of candlelit dinners, soft music, and slow seductions. That being said, don’t hesitate to invite him over to your place for good old fashioned courting when you think the time is right. Turning a friendship with your Cancer man into a wonderful forever after could be best decision you ever made–provided you know him well enough to take the right steps, in the right directions.

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