Love and the Libra Man: Finding Balance from Friendship

If you’re looking for a partner who is commitment minded, with an eye on the future and perfectly happy to be in a long term, serious relationship, flipping your friendship with a Libra into something more romantically inclined may just be the perfect move. Seldom single for long, capturing the fair and analytically-minded Libra’s attention starts with showing him your intellectual side. Knowing more about what makes him tick–and what makes his heart trip–is your key to turning your Libra BFF into a long-term love.

Understanding the Libra Man

The Libra man likes being in a relationship, and doesn’t shy away from commitment, as a general rule. He wants a kindred spirit–someone he can open up to and share his ideas and multi-faceted views on moral dilemmas with. His keen sense of justice is always on the lookout for the “little guy,” so using a mutual cause you’re both passionate about may be the ideal way to capture his attention and get him to see you in a new light. Keep in mind, however, that Libra has some serious issues difficulties coming to a decision, and while he engages in debates with all the enthusiasm and mental dexterity he’s known for, he is unlikely to ever be able to simply express a simple black and white view on opinions–and he hates being backed into a corner and pressured into a firm and final standpoint, especially when it comes to matters that he considers of moral importance.

Polite, Considerate, Congenial Libra

Most Libras hate arguments and fights, and are quickly scared off by constant angry or emotional outbursts. A peace lover who goes out of his way to avoid ugly confrontation, your Libra love interest will quickly lose interest in you if he realizes that you’re a harpy or shrew who likes to make a big to-do over every little thing.

And few things will turn a Libra off faster than seeing someone pick on a little guy or someone who isn’t there to defend themselves. Gossiping or spreading rumors about someone who isn’t in the room is a good way to find yourself on the wrong end of a disapproving look from your intended.

Continue to be his Best Friend

Of all the star signs, Libra is probably best suited for falling in love with their best friend. To a Libran, friendship and love are so closely intertwined that they can’t be separated, and it’s almost impossible for them to become romantically attached in a long term capacity to someone they don’t consider a close friend. Encourage him to open up by sharing and revealing some of your own personal back story, and be willing to lend a confident ear when they need a sounding board–your friendship won’t go unnoticed, and may just lead to the best romantic entanglement you’ve ever had.

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