Aromatherapy First Aid Kit


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Aromatherapy First Aid Kit

A ‘Next Level In…’ eBook

Heal yourself from the inside out using natural time tested aromatherapy remedies.

What’s in it?

Aromatherapy For Natural Beauty And Great Looking Skin

Aromatherapy Essential Oils And Their Uses

How To Make Your Own Sumptuous, Natural Perfumes

Natural Hair Care Treatments: Greasy Hair | Dry Hair | Dandruff.

Natural Cosmetics: Beetroot Red Lipstick | Foundation/Concealer | Eye Shadow | Blush And Lip Gloss.

Natural Household Cleaners: Cinnamon Scented Disinfectant | Sanitizing Deodorizer | Tea Tree Oil Disinfectant,

Aromatherapy Remedies For Health And Well-being: Dehydrated, Aging Skin | Up Your Fluid Intake | What You Eat | Cracked skin | Warts | Psoriasis | Cold sores | Burns | Cuts | Excess perspiration | Natural Odor Remedies | For Feet | Natural Deodorant | Lice | Muscular Pain | Cramp | Hemorrhoids | Varicose Veins | Constipation | Diarrhea | Toothache | Colds | Coughs | Hay Fever.

Psychological Applications of Aromatherapy


Includes FREE Report: Discover how the everyday household products and cosmetics that we trust can be affecting your health day by day without your knowledge.


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