Dating Site Secrets


Online dating offers a great opportunity for people who are shy or are simple too busy with work and other commitments to find a partner using the usual and, let’s face it, long-winded methods.

However online dating can be something of a minefield a do’s and don’t’s. But don’t panic: this easy-to-digest guide is here to help.


If you’ve never entered the world of online dating before or you’ve had bad experiences in the past, this fabulous eBook will take you, step-by-step, through everything you need to do avoid the pitfalls, embrace the opportunities and find true and lasting love.

What’s in it?
Chapter 1: Dating online basics
Chapter 2: Be aware of people that are not truthful
Chapter 3: Understand your comfort zone
Chapter 4: Understand your reasons behind online dating
Chapter 5: Understand your expectations
Chapter 6: Learn to be realistic
Chapter 7: Only deal with reputable sites
Chapter 8: Never give out too much personal info at first
Chapter 9: Meet in a public place for the 1st date
Chapter 10: Understand the risks

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