The Influence of the Zodiac


The Influence of the Zodiac

A ‘Become and Expert in…’ eBook

As the title suggests, this eBook, now considered a classic in the field, deals with the influence of the zodiac on everyday human existence in 20 detailed chapters, from our physical health to our spiritual and romantic relationships.

An extract from this mind-expanding and esoteric volume:

“Dissatisfaction with old methods and theories and creeds meet us at every hand. Light has flashed upon the dark idols, and they are revealed in all their hideousness. A far-off God and a remote heaven are no longer attractive. The quickening spirit has breathed a thought to those who have ears to hear and hearts to feel, of the Eternal Now, and a God and a heaven in every human soul. The dogmatic absurdities of learned men are passing away. Every power of heaven and earth is friendly to a noble and courageous activity. To find out some of the causes previously ignored by the majority – even of the soc-alled educated and cultured – that affect for good or ill the lives of the inhabitants of the earth, has now become a vital necessity. To this end this volume is prepared, and it is hoped that it will give the student a basis upon which to build, as well as the ability to comprehend the sublime truths which every neophyte will more earnestly desire than anything that the world can offer.”

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