Kick Fear and Anxiety to the Curb


Kick Fear and Anxiety to the Curb

A ‘Get Started With’ eBook

When we’re born, we are a clean slate. Pure and guiltless and open to whatever comes our way. But as we grow, impressions are made and lessons are learned. We sooner or later lose that childlike sinlessness and we find that we’re adults with realistic expectations and tons of responsibility. Who has time to consider the deeper issues, not to mention change? However, some of us find ourselves in horrendous situations where we’re forced to change.

You don’t have to go through horrendous experiences to discover inner peace. This book will provide some key steps you can follow so that you can unlock the peaceful side of your self.

What’s in it?

Chapter 1: Live With What Is

Chapter 2: Use Meditation

Chapter 3: Get Back to Nature

Chapter 4: Mile Power

Chapter 5: Stop Depression and Anxiety by Helping Others

Chapter 6: Keep Hope Alive

Chapter 7: Holding Your Beliefs Dear

Chapter 8: Continue Learning

Chapter 9: Live for Today

Chapter 10: Getting Rid of Fear


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