Men, Sex and Astrology


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Our International Bestseller!

Seduce HimHave HimKeep HimForever.

This book isn’t going to change your life. Not right away. And not all on its own. It isn’t a miracle cure. It isn’t even a solution. At least, not right out of the box.


Our International Bestseller!

Seduce HimHave HimKeep HimForever.

This book isn’t going to change your life. Not right away. And not all on its own. It isn’t a miracle cure. It isn’t even a solution. At least, not right out of the box.

No, it’s a tool.

It’s a tool that you can use to change your life. Or, more to the point, change your sex life. And isn’t sex the earthly foundation of every strong and lasting relationship?

Men, Sex and Astrology will teach you how to get your man, have your man and keep your man. Forever.

So, what’s in Men, Sex and Astrology?

In a nutshell, Men, Sex and Astrology is a road map through the complex nature of male sexuality, with the zodiac acting as a compass.

Wait just a minute, you’re thinking. Men have complex sexual natures? Seriously? I thought they just… you know… wanted to ‘do it. Like, all the time.

If only it were that simple.

In reality, what might leave a Scorpio man giddy with desire might cause the Virgo man to physically recoil. What might set the heart of a Capricorn man racing may well give the Gemini man entirely the wrong kind of goosebumps. The purpose of this book is to help you induce the right kind of quivers and shivers in your man, from Aries to Pisces, and to ensure you receive a plentiful supply of quivers and shivers yourself.

Each chapter of this frank and informative product will be broken down into three sections:


What Does Sex Mean to the Aries Man [for example]?

What’s in it for You?

What Works for Him?

Then each chapter is topped off with advice on The One Thing You Must Do and The One Thing You Mustn’t Do.


This is the only point in each chapter where I won’t be talking about sex. And that’s a promise! Here I’ll be looking at the whole person, his personality, what he likes and dislikes, what drives him, what ignites his interest, what’s great about him and what’s downright infuriating.

Although I imagine most men will be perfectly happy to be seen exclusively as a sex object, women, on the whole, are big fans of context. And rightly so. Nothing exists in a vacuum, and any attempt to explore the sexual life of a man will be half-baked at best if we don’t first attempt to shine a light on the non-sexual life. But don’t worry; given that most men think about sex almost all of the time, anyway, this segment of each chapter is going to be pretty short. What the heck, feel free to skip it entirely!

What Does Sex Mean to Your Man

Here, I’ll be exploring the various zodiac males’ attitudes to sex. Is sex just a recreational activity for him, is it all about conquest, a bit of fun or is it inextricably bound-up with love and romance? Once you’re privy to this information, you’ll be able to see if his attitudes are aligned with your own or whether you’re faced with something of a challenge. You might even find something here which you can exploit in some way to your own sensual ends, such as the Cancer man’s eagerness to please!

What’s in it for You?

As editor of The Astrology of Love website, I receive any number of emails on the topic of men, sex and star signs, but by far the most common is this one: is he any good in bed? It’s a tricky one to answer because it’s such a vague question. So here I’ll be trying to cover all the bases in relation to this sweeping enquiry. I’ll be looking at his endurance, his technique, how thoughtful he is and, ultimately, whether or not he’s going to deliver you breathless and satisfied to your desired destination. Sorry, I said I was going to be frank. This section tells you if your man is capable of getting you to orgasm. And, if not, what you can do to ‘fix’ him.

What’s more I’ll be looking at that all important post-coital phase. In other words, is your guy a talker and a snuggler or is he going to grunt, roll over, break wind and start snoring!

What’s in it for him?

This section of each chapter relates to the second most common question I receive as editor of The Astrology of Love website. Namely, how do I turn him on? Could be you’re thinking, As long as the What’s in it for me? bit meets my requirements I couldn’t care less! If you’re feeling a little more generous, however, here you’ll find information concerning what is likely to initiate his ardour, such as what clothing and perfume to wear. More to the point, in this section I’ll tell you about your man’s erogenous zones, the kinds of things you can do or say to really get his blood pumping, whether he has any unusual kinks and what sexual positions are guaranteed to drive him wild. With pictures!

The One Thing You Must Do and the One Thing You Mustn’t Do

This consists of just two brief sentences. The one thing you categorically must do and the one thing you categorically must not!

With Men, Sex and Astrology as your secret weapon, you’ll possess the knowledge and confidence to well and truly take your man in hand!


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